NEPTUNE IN 5TH HOUSE of your yearly Solar Return

 Spiritual concepts of unity among all human beings can soften the way you ex-press yourself. 
A gentler involvement with the world is warranted at this time. As with all Neptune — Ruler of Pisces, placements, higher principles are seeking a practical application in the real world.

An increased sensitivity to specific situations, and uncertainty or confusion associated with actions or thoughts, tend to signal this infusion.

While Neptune is in the solar return 5th house, spiritual concepts which are already understood need to find a mode of expression. NEPTUNE in Synastry influence brings a spiritual undertone to your relationship. Synastry refers to the astrological study of the relationship between two individuals. When examining the synastry between Jupiter (your partner) and Neptune (you).. Learn more..
In Neptune is in the solar return 5th house
The Principles of Universal love can be expanded upon through compassionate interactions with lovers, children, and others. 

Working with creative and artistic projects can also heighten your awareness. 

What is needed is an evolution in self-expression toward a more spiritual and insightful manifestation. Inconsistencies between the self and the Higher Self must be eliminated. 

You cannot believe one thing spiritually, yet express something else to others. The self (external expression) must be one with the Higher Self (spiritual ideal). 
As you gentle your approach to the world, you may not be sure what you wish to express or represent.  

Tentative self-expression is common during the transition period. Sometimes external changes in the social milieu trigger the shift, but often gentleness is brought on by an increased awareness of the way you interact. Careful consideration is war-ranted. How are you perceived by others? 

Do you reflect your spiritual beliefs? Do you allow your true self to come through, or do you hide behind a persona? Is some-one questioning the way you express yourself or what you purport to represent? 
Consistency is important. Ask your-self, "Am I real? Or do blockages keep me from expressing who I really am, or what I really feel?" 
During this Solar Return Year, others tend to point out your inconsistencies. Here are more example case study on how to intererpret your Solar Return Year.

Occasionally, they add to your tentativeness by giving you very negative messages which are not truly insightful. Self-discernment is a task associated with this placement, and you must learn to discriminate between helpful insights and negative comments. 

The lack of certainty along the way allows for the development of the softer side of your personality by making you hesitant enough to reflect on the other person perception of you and what you truly wish to impart. 

For this reason, it's important to view self-expression from the other side, seeing yourself as others see you. Confusion about your identity is likely to continue until you begin to manifest the spiritual directive you purport to understand.  If you want to know when to expect the major transition periods of your life, consider the cycle of the transiting outer planets learn more here..

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There’s a fine line between faith and delusion, and transits of Neptune are always devoted to exploring that line. 

As Neptune — Ruler of Pisces, transits the fifth house, that line runs right through the heart of your creative self. Are you hanging on to the dream of writing a novel, working as an actor, or having children, holding on long past the point when friends, family, society, and even your own inner voice tell you it’s hopeless? Some would call that faith; others would call it delusion. 

You probably won’t know for a long time which is true. But if it’s time to let go of the dream, Neptune will give you a signal. Once the dream brings more pain than joy, it’s probably a clue that it needs to leave your life.

Romantic relationships in particular can be alluringly star-crossed during this transit, often involving attraction from across race, class, or cultural lines. Often one partner is expected to play the role of savior for the other. 

The characters portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet in the film Titanic are a perfect example, right down to the whole relationship taking place at sea (ruled by Neptune). Rose is from an aristocratic background, and Jack is poor but self-reliant. About to wed a cad in a marriage of financial convenience, she despairs, to the point of attempted suicide. Luckily, Jack appears at the right moment to rescue her. 

It’s a lovely and romantic story despite its tragic ending. But it’s worth noting that part of the reason the love story works is that this unlikely couple never faces the reality of living together in the world. Relationships between people from different worlds can absolutely work, but in reality such unions require more than just romantic attraction. Relationships that begin while Neptune transits the fifth house can be rapturous but may not survive the practical realities of daily life.


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