Solar return chart NEPTUNE in 5th house - page 2

 Tentative self-expression is common during the transition period. Sometimes external changes in the social milieu trigger the shift, but often gentleness is brought on by an increased awareness of the way you interact. Careful consideration is war-ranted. How are you perceived by others? Do you reflect your spiritual beliefs? Do you allow your true self to come through, or do you hide behind a persona? Is some-one questioning the way you express yourself or what you purport to represent? 

Consistency is important. Ask your-self, "Am I real? Or do blockages keep me from expressing who I really am, or what I really feel?" 
During this time, others tend to point out your inconsistencies. Occa-sionally, they add to your tentativeness by giving you very negative messages which are not truly insightful. Self-discernment is a task associated with this placement, and you must learn to discriminate between helpful insights and negative comments. The lack of certainty along the way allows for the development of the softer side of your personality by making you hesitant enough to reflect on the other person% perception of you and what you truly wish to impart. For this reason, it's important to view self-expres-sion from the other side, seeing yourself as others see you. Confusion about your identity is likely to continue until you begin to manifest the spiritual directive you purport to understand. 

Increased compassion and sensitivity to others will bring about positive changes in self-expression. Loving and nurturing relationships can lead to an evolution in consciousness. 
Nonsex-ual spiritual relationships are possible with this placement, though sexual in-volvement is not necessarily prohibited. Nonetheless, it is the spiritual love which is important. You can love someone dearly without any thought of return or commitment. Assurances will not be necessary, nor will they be forthcoming. A lack of definition tends to permeate love affairs while Neptune is in the solar re-turn 5th. You can never be sure where the relationship is headed, and the future is often left hanging. Sometimes you are not even sure when you will see each other again. This is a time to let relationships simply "be" what they are meant to be. Real limitations may or may not exist. For example, your lover might be away much of the time or previously committed to someone else. 

On the other hand, the lack of defini-tion or commitment could be totally con-fusing to you. 
You may not understand your lover's reservations and a sense of vagueness or mystery could surround your interaction. Conversely, you might be the one to want to keep things loose. In any case, guarantees are not given. Part of the problem might be your tendency to idealize the person or romance you are in-volved with. If your judgment is clouded, lovers can appear more attractive, at-tentive, or spiritual than they really are. Eventually, these misconceptions lead to disillusionment. In the most negative situations, you are attracted to someone because one of you needs help and expects to be saved. Savior-victim relationships tend to be one-sided, with one person giv-ing all while the other wants to receive. 

If you have children, or deal with them daily, they can be a great source of insight and calmness.
 On the other hand, they might depend on you for direction, appearing lost when left to their own devices. This can be a time when children seem slightly out of character, acting up more than usual, especially at school. Or they might be extremely quiet. In either case, your extra sensitivity should be used to draw them out. Compassionate inter-changes can help you to understand them better, their needs, and their abilities. Spending quiet times with children can be mutually beneficial. This is a time when parents traditionally tend to sacrifice their own needs for the special needs of their children. 


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