MARS IN THE 7TH HOUSE Of Your Yearly Horoscope

This is a time to be energized by another person who can get you to do something you would not or could not do alone.  

In its most positive manifestation, collaboration with another carries you towards the initiation and completion of a project or joint endeavor.
If the two of you can agree on mutual goals, you both can make great strides together. Your partner enthusiasm and drive be-come the primary motivating force.

Most likely it is the other person character which provides the spark of inspiration and the encouragement necessary to begin the task, but it is the interactive qualities of the relationship which keep each of you at a high energy level, working towards completion. 

Hopefully, you will be dealing with someone who has your best interests at heart.  

The problem associated with this placement is that you can be led down the wrong path if you do not choose your friends and partners carefully. If you are connected to individuals who are bad for you, their effect will be negative. 

if you wish to start a food cooperative and your spouse feels you are too inept to succeed, his or her negative influence will hurt your chances for success. But if he or she is totally supportive, and in fact, leads the way, your chances are greatly improved. 

A lot depends on the partner's attitude. Since you are so susceptible to the influences of others, it is important to assess who the others are. Contacts can range from the most positive to the most detrimental, from successful achievement to damaging encounters. In the worst manifestation, involvement in a crime is possible. 

It is important to identify those relationships which are wrong for you and counteract their influence. Cultivate those more positive involvements which enhance your psychological health and soul qualities. 

There is the possibility that you will be in a relationship which involves conflict. 

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