Indication of new love is on the horizon Base on Astrology

 Example Case study of  Personal Astrosignature If, for example, your question is about your upcoming love life or if someone will come into your life, and what day or year that might be.

Using my own Birth Data as an Example and for Privacy purpose since this is very Personal. 
In this case, I'm Single for Very long year since 2019  "So, I'm examining my progress from 2019 onwards to discover any indications of what might happen in the coming year."

And Here I Found ...

And I Found Strong indication in the Coming Year 202.4 ( See arrow 1 for Date range ) Although it can be seen in the Astrosignature chart that the romance and sexuality (indicated by the green line) will be very active for a prolonged period this year, it is not enough to conclude that it will result in a relationship.

 Two kind of Astrosignatures are being considered there - first is the Friendship and Family ( Mostly its Venus Transit aspecting to other planet ) Astrosignature, and the second is the Romance and Sexuality Astrosignature. Around 2024, both Friendship and Romance show significant strength and spikes. It can be said that this might be the right time for potential developments in those areas.

But Still, I'm Bit skeptical about this... How certain it is, the way to verify this is to look back at the past, during the times when my love life was blooming. Then, observe if there are similar patterns.

 "This is based on what is written in the Holy Bible, in the book of Ecclesiastes. It says..."
 What happened before, will also happen in the future.
That's why I looked back at the past, based solely on my recollection, around 2000 to 2010, my love life was blooming during that time.

And indeed, my suspicion was correct. It's the same pattern; it perfectly aligns with the years when my love life was blooming. And Also Relax, Party, Vacation Astrosignature also showed significant strength during those times.

I'm still not satisfied with this kind of analysis since we're talking about the future, and it's really difficult when you're waiting for something uncertain.

That's why I'm looking for other indications outside the scope of Astrosignature or other time lord systems. One of these is Firdaria...
  • Firdaria is a timelord technique from the Persian astrological tradition. It is used to evaluate and predict the quality and themes experienced in the upcoming time periods of a person's life. The technique assigns major emphasis to a specific planet in highlighting specific themes a person will experience within a time period, based on predetermined astrological principles. The word Firdaria is derived from the Arabic word "fard", which means "share" or "portion". In astrology, Firdaria refers to the "shares" or "portions" of time that each planet rules in a person's life..
And this is what I found...
Planetary Period: The Moon subperiod Venus
From Sep 28 2022 to Jan 11 2024.
  • Recently you have been spending your time pursuing your personal goals and finding emotional satisfaction in your achievements. You may have also come to terms with past hurts, before moving forward with your own goals. Now it is time to review your personal relationships.


Astrosignature of The Destiny and Decisions

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