MARS IN 2ND HOUSE Of Solar Return Astrology Chart

 For employed individuals, Mars in the 2nd house usually indicates an income based on commissions or sales.  

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You are able to hustle for a higher income, and your earnings, at least in part, depend on how actively you focus on making money. 

Even if your income is normally based on a fixed hourly rate, you may be involved in an incentive program or contest which rewards you for the amount of work you are able to generate or handle. 

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If you are considering self-employment on the side, then this might be a good time to piggyback a new budding career on top of a present full/part-time position. Your salary is then augmented by the second job. 

In some way, the amount of money you earn is at least partially tied to the amount of work you accomplish, and consequently, your income may be affected positively. If you refuse to put in any extra effort or even maintain your present level of involvement, your earnings might be affected negatively.

Mars in the 2nd is also indicative of individuals who either take a pay cut during the year, or do not charge enough for their services. 

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