MARS IN THE 11TH HOUSE of Your Yearly Horoscope

Mars in the 11th house of Solar Return shows an intense desire for freedom of action and the aggressive pursuit of goals.
You will not allow or accept limitations on options. 

You do not want your present short-term goals or your future long-term goals to be dominated, controlled, or restricted by others. You will protect your right to proceed in any area of personal or professional endeavor.

The goals you set during this Solar return year can generally be accomplished without the support or assistance of others and despite any objections. 

To accomplish your goals, you may have to bend a few rules or break a few family traditions. 

You are not afraid of independent action, and it may be necessary for the task at hand. For some individuals, goals will be very self-oriented and self-serving, perhaps even selfish. 

For example, a woman about forty years old had worked at her husband's side in a family-run business for twenty years. 

When Mars was in the 11th house, she discovered a great love for another professional field while pursuing a hobby. She decided to quit her current job, but her husband objected, saying he needed her to manage the office. Eventually, she did quit despite his objections and began working for herself. She initiated the business on her own despite the family objections and continued to pursue a goal only she was interested in. 

Planet in Solar Return Chart Aspecting to MARS


The goals you seek during the coming year will normally be in keeping with your personal needs and abilities and are the product of  your own mind and not an offshoot of someone else's ambitions. This is a time to feel both self-sufficient and self-possessed. External manifestations are meant to reflect inner qualities. The active creation of dreams will help you to discover your own ability to function independently. Your range of future activities will no longer be restricted by a need for help or agreement from others. 

You are capable of initiating things on your own and following through. Focus on your own unique individuality and value your abilities, whatever they may be. Develop and pursue talents and ideas that may have been lying suppressed for many years. This is a time meant for reviving those dreams lost when they seemed, at the time, too selfish to pursue. You can now accomplish projects abandoned in deference to others, but you must be assertive and ambitious in your desire for fulfillment. 

From the perspective of others, family, and friends, you may be somewhat unpredictable and undependable. Others may be concerned about your newfound independence, but assurances should be enough to calm their fears if you maintain a measure of stability. More difficult is the total disregard you might have for the needs of others and your responsibilities to them. You are capable of malting decisions impulsively and without consultation. You are also capable of forming goals without adequate research or reflection. Some individuals will truly not handle their newfound freedom wisely, and consequently, they become the cause of great concern to others who find the increasingly aggressive and independent behavior threatening and out of control. 

Rather than choosing to work alone, you may become involved in a group effort or work on a project with a number of your friends. But even in this situation, you will most likely gravitate toward leadership positions. You can be a great motivator for others and you, your-self, will also be energized in return. If you act as an independent within the group setting, others will resent your preoccupation with personal needs or fulfillment Conflicts within the group are possible, and you can be drawn into any power struggles. 

Conflicts with one or more friends might also occur. For example, a young college woman was involved in a very difficult friendship with two close friends who were using drugs. Eventually, the woman withdrew from her friends because of the drug use. She returned to her studies and went on alone. Dur-ing the year, you and a friend may be at cross-purposes, and this will cause contention, but you can instead be motivated by common interests and shared goals. 

While Mars is in the 12th house, you have the ability to work independently or behind the scenes. This is a great time to focus on projects which require some degree of "alone-ness." You must provide your own sense of direction and motivation while working to-ward achievement, but what you ultimately accomplish can be very original and unique. Yearlong projects are associated with this placement since many people will not know what you are working on or have accomplished until late in the solar return year. The tendency with this placement is to prevent the left hand from knowing what the right hand is doing. It is even less likely that others will know what you are doing. This is your time to work in secret or "go undercover." Suppose you wish to surprise your spouse or parents with some secret home-made project you assembled in the basement; now is the time. 

Planets Aspecting Mars 

Aspects to Mars reflect your ability to create your environment to suit your own needs and how you would tend to do this. The house placement of Mars shows where the activation is most likely to occur, and the aspects to Mars imply the various internal and external forces created which will either support or thwart your efforts. 

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