JUPITER IN THE 8TH HOUSE Of Your Yearly Horoscope

The 8th house of Solar return chart is commonly associated with the earnings of others while the 2nd house is more indicative of your own earning power. 

Therefore, Jupiter in the 8th house of Solar return chart is primarily focuses on the money made available to you after someone else has al-ready earned it. 

During the Solar return year



your financial situation may improve specifically because you are now able to share resources with another person.
If you have already been sharing resources up to this point, the dollar amount of the shared funds is likely to increase.

This placement commonly shows money coming to you through others, possibly in the form of a lump sum. 

For those who are interested in making a large purchase such as a home, combining incomes and savings makes the goal a reality.  

Besides shared resources, you may acquire money through other means. 

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Planet in Solar return Apecting in JUPITER

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These other means include an inheritance, gift, or monetary settlement from an insurance claim or legal case. Funds from profit sharing, royalties, and advances for books or inventions are also more commonly seen in the 8th house, even though one would think they would be more consistent with 2nd house earnings.

Because of the extra money coming in, this may be a good time to place some funds in an investment account or hire a broker to manage your money. 

In this way your money works for you, creating extra funds through means other than salary. 

Most likely, if you share incomes with another, you must also share his or her debts, and unfortunately, this person can be a big spender.

The negative interpretation for financial concerns associated with this placement is that you are just as likely to experience increased expenses and debts caused by the other person as you are to have more money available. 

The pendulum can swing either way. The probability of struggling over ex-penses and debts increases if there are oppositions running between the 2nd house placements and Jupiter in the 8th.  

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Traditional name: House of Other People's Money 

Terrain: collective resources, insurance, in-vestments, banks, sex, mortality 

Shares common ground with: the sign of Scorpio; the planet Pluto 

The eighth house also represents pools of other people's resources. Insurance, for instance, is an eighth house matter, because many contribute but not all benefit directly. Taxes are ruled by the eighth house for similar reasons. Banks are ruled by the eighth house, because they're full of other people's money. If you're applying for a loan, you go to the eighth house to do it, whether to a bank or a shady looking underworld figure lurking in a nearby alley; both have money you need.

 The adage goes that sex, death, and taxes are the three things no one can avoid. Along with taxes, sex and death have also tradition-ally been associated with the eighth house. 

Sexual activity ended up here because it's where one person's  assets are comingled with another person's assets. And while the French refer to an orgasm as la petite mon (the little death), there is a more direct connection between death and the eighth house. It may or may not refer to actual, physical death. (I think that is more likely the purview of the fourth house, but I confess that I deliberately skipped that lesson in astrology school, as I'd prefer my own death to come as a surprise.) But it certainly challenges our notions of mortality and the mystery of what comes after life. The eighth house is where you'll find all manner of experiences that transform you from one person into another. 

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