JUPITER IN 3RD HOUSE Of Solar Return Astrology Chart

 Jupiter in the 3rd house of Solar return Chart shows a great deal of daily activity. The pace of life picks up as you run around from one task to another. 

You have too many things to do, and if the juggling act gets out of hand, you function in a state of crisis management for part of the year. It is common to have one specific project, thought or task dominate your attention and time. This interest crowds your days with activity; consequently, overscheduling is a problem. 

For example, a pregnant student needed to complete all her coursework before the baby was due. Papers, tests, and homework took up all of her time, and she had few outside interests until she was finished. 

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Another woman volunteered to run a community event which was her whole focus of attention until the project was completed. An artist completely renovated his studio. The goal with this placement is to learn to focus only on the major tasks at hand while prioritizing lesser needs or delegating responsibilities to others. You cannot handle everything, and if you try, the day-to-day details of practical living will be easily lost in the flurry of activity. Concentration is necessary, and when you are fully involved, everyday details get in your way. One tends to see only the big picture.

Despite all the activity, this is a great time to expand your mind either through school (teaching or learning), reading or writing. 

Many go to school or take a course sometime during the year, but a strong emphasis on being self-taught is also evident. New teachers will spend much time developing lesson plans and lectures. Writing with the hope of future publication is also possible, but the main emphasis is usually on community newsletters, magazine articles, or children’s stories.

Contrary to what one might expect with Jupiter in the 3rd house, this can be a mentally stressful year.

 Not only is the pace of life quick, the information you need to remember is greatly increased. You can get mentally overwhelmed by all the things you must do and recall. To further compound the stress you are already feeling; you could be involved in situations representative of ethical-moral dilemmas. If so, these dilemmas fall into the gray area of decision-making and are not simple black-or-white situations. Decisions involve major commitments to lifestyle patterns, and choices may be limited. You are forced to make the best decision possible given the present circumstances. Common issues include dilemmas associated with sexuality, questions of loyalty, spiritual applications in daily life, abortion, and conscientious objection. Ethical-moral dilemmas intrude on your consciousness, causing further stress in an already hectic life. Eventually, the mind can feel overloaded by too much mental processing.

Learning to apply spiritual concepts to daily life situations is an important task for the coming year. 

It is not enough to believe in a philosophical concept; the concept must have a practical, mundane application to your life situation. Concepts may be tested by an ethical-moral dilemma. Only successful applications of spiritual concepts will lead to fulfillment and confirmation of your beliefs. Impractical ideals will fall short of satisfactory implementation. These pseudo-philosophical principles not only fail to improve one’s circumstances, they also create additional stress when one unsuccessfully attempts what is unrealistic. Consistency above and below is the goal. You cannot be hypocritical this year. You must practice what you preach, and if you cannot, then you must preach what you practice.

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