ASTRO OBSERVATION 2021: Jupiter Sextile Ascendant in progressed Natal Chart

EXPECTED MAJOR LIFE THEME: Opportunity to meet new people

This is not a significant transit, but you will have opportunities for self-improvement and good relations with others. Your social life and relationships in general are beneficial at the moment, and opportunities to meet new people and travel into new situations may abound.


  1. Entering Apr 15 2021, Exact Apr 21 2021, Leaving Apr 28 2021
  2. Entering Aug 12 2021, Exact Aug 19 2021, Leaving Aug 27 2021
  3. Entering Dec 8 2021, Exact Dec 15 2021, Leaving Dec 20 2021
ASTRO OBSERVATION is base on my personal personal natal chart , the timing of the transiting is applicable only in selected person (for me), and its use for Astrological influence research.