JUPITER IN 4TH HOUSE of your yearly Horoscope

Jupiter in the 4th house of Solar return chart indicates the need for increased peace and security in your home. 

It is important to feel rooted and protected physically, emotionally, and spiritually by the home environment. 



Many individuals choose to begin a beautification program to make their living quarters more comfortable. Although projects may be expensive, there is usually a minimum of disruption.

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Improvements are not necessitated by a need to make repairs (more likely with Saturn), or the need to make major changes in the structure of the house (more likely with Pluto).

Projects tend to be minor, and generally, the domestic situation is not disrupted by the improvements. Renovations or additions are not as likely as changing the decoration with paint, wallpaper, and new furniture. 

The object here is to enhance the surroundings both inside and outside of the home, not to redo the entire house from scratch. 

Outside improvements include landscaping the grounds or creating a small garden for meditation. Individuals having this placement wish to create an environment which not only suits the physical needs and comforts the soul, but pleases the eye.  

Security is also important; depending on...  

the individual’s age, issues can relate to present or future needs. 

Domestic security is the immediate issue, and you may be striving to purchase a home or secure your position in the present one. Heavy aspects to Jupiter in the 4th can indicate other influences which might support or threaten your home life. 

For example, after one man’s parents died, he inherited the family home and for the first time owned a piece of property.  As he settled into his new home and began to redecorate the interior, his future bride informed him that she did not care for the house and wished to live elsewhere (aspect from the 7th house). This man felt the need to balance his commitment to his fiancee with his desire for a sense of rootedness. 

The home had become very important to him since for the first time in his life he was working steadily toward completing a major project without abandoning his goal prematurely (aspect from the 1st house). He needed to work during the year to balance his needs and the needs of his fiancee with the desire for rootedness. Married individuals with this placement who are in the process of separating need to find and secure a home for the future. If Jupiter is very stressed, this may be a complicated task.

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For older individuals, issues concerning retirement and pension plans are important. The emphasis is on IRAs, mutual funds, and retirement packages, but usually, security issues do not apply to funds alone since included also is a concern for the home. You may pay off your mortgage, refinance your loan at a lower rate, or purchase an insurance policy which will cover your payments should you become disabled or unemployed. 

This is the time to make changes in your home and in your financial planning which will ensure the stability of your domestic situation both now and in the future.

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