JUPITER IN 2ND HOUSE Of your yearly Horoscope

 Jupiter in the 2nd house of the solar return usually indicates a good financial situation, or at least improving financial conditions. 

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As a rule, the money comes to you through your own efforts and is probably related to your professional endeavors or increased earning power. 

If you are not presently working, this can be the year you seek employment. If you are already employed, you can earn more money this year through salary increases or second jobs.  Scroll down to read more..

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Those who work on a commission or incentive basis have the opportunity for a significant increase in income. For those who work in sales, this can be the year you land that big account. The possibility of receiving a lump sum of money exists during the year. Generally, the money is not a gift but remuneration associated with your job. Gifts are more likely to be seen with Jupiter or Venus in the 8th house of the solar return chart. Common examples associated with lump sums of money include selling a business (if you own one), retiring and collecting pension funds, receiving an advance for a book or invention, or winning a sabbatical or grant for educational or research purposes.

Unfortunately, spending can also increase temporarily, and it is common to make one large purchase or have increased expenses during the year. 

Sometimes you must spend money to make more money. If you wish to expand your business or your number of clients, you might buy extra advertising time or space. If you are selling your home for a profit, you might make improvements which will maximize the return on your investment. The emphasis is on money-making ideas, and during this year it can be fairly easy to make more money. The tendency is to be in the right place at the right time, but unfortunately, you may have to spend money to attain this position. If there are aspects from Jupiter into the 8th house, you may overspend your income and incur a large debt. The bills can reach a significant level for those who have a history of financial problems. If this becomes your situation, the push to increase your income will be even stronger.

Regardless of your line of work, the inner quality of fulfillment is stressed this year. You will not do just anything for money. 

Principles are important, and unless 2nd house planets are strongly aspected, the tendency is to make money doing exactly what is most fulfilling. Money comes easily when you believe in what you do well. Ethics are generally not compromised, though individual differences abide.

The task for this placement is to attract situations which give you greater self-confidence and increased self-worth. For some, earning more money can be a confirmation of one’s value. For others, being successful, ethical, or fulfilled becomes the confirmation.


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