URANUS CONJUNCTION DIRECTED VENUS - Unusual and exciting relationships may start

 Relationships are completely unpredictable during this period. 

Unusual and exciting relationships may start or old and stale relationships may end. While this will obviously affect your most intimate relationship, all relationships will be affected. Either way you will feel a sudden urge to completely change your relationships. 

It is not a time for commitment or stability as the ability to view relationships for their long-term benefits is impaired. However, it is a time for enjoying the sense of freedom that can come from the changes. You want fun, spontaneity and intellectual stimulation from your partners and are likely to get it..

 RADIX Mean The radical map: the horoscope of birth, the root from which everything is judged.  

The radical or birth positions of the planets, Vs current position of the planet, 

also known as TRANSIT to Radix. or secondary progression. or, in other words, they are very related to  particular birth chart.


The Transit to radix can also be used to pick the date of a business to start, or for people to get married, or to begin almost any important project. Picking dates is known by astrologers as "electional astrology".

You can also view your horoscope in calendar format and receive notification directly via google calendar, learn more about Astrocalendar