Transit of URANUS in 9th house long Journey over water

 A friend described the reaction of his staunchly conservative family when he revealed he was gay.

 They felt they had to either turn their back on me or turn their back on God," he said. "In the end they chose me, but the decision was so difficult that my mother says she's still mad at God!" Wherever Uranus transits, liberation is sure to follow. 

The problem is, freedom is scary. 

When Uranus transits the ninth house, you're being unmoored from your belief system. The long term transit that last for about 7 years .

For some, this may mean leaving an established religion; for others, this may be a time of trading one ideology for its exact opposite. Perhaps, like my friend's mother, you're confronted with a case of cognitive dissonance so extreme that it shakes you loose from everything you've ever believed was true or right. Uranus is a lot like lightning, and it's never easy to predict exactly where it will strike. 

But one thing's for sure: By the time Uranus leaves your ninth house, you will look at the world in a very different way. 





  • Traditional name: House of Long Journeys over Water 
  • Terrain: beliefs, higher education, philosophy, the quest for meaning, foreign countries, overseas travel, teaching, religion, airplanes, ship; books, publishers, large animals, theaters and perfor-mance spaces 
  • Shares common ground with: the sign of Sagittar-ius; the planet Jupiter and the Sun (traditionally, the Sun is in its "joy" in the ninth house) 

This was known by traditional astrologers as the House of Long Journeys over Water or the House of Philosophy. In some cases transits in the ninth house will literally carry you to faraway lands. 

URANUS IN THE 9TH HOUSE of Solar Return or Yearly Horoscope

Consistent with philosophical differences are cultural distinctions. An awareness of practices in other cultures may be necessary if you plan to deal regularly with foreigners during the coming Solar Return year.

 (Examples: a businessman dependent on foreign exchange, support, or commodities; a foreign exchange student; or one who plans to marry someone of a different ethnic background.) Learn more...

Planet  Aspecting to URANUS

The Term TRANSIT TO NATALor in other word, The Current Transit of Uranus as you look in the Sky are Very related Depend on each Individual natal chart. Sometime the impact of Astrological Influence will last A day, 1 month, sometime take more than 7 years. Unlike Solar Return the Astrological Influence is fix in year by year.

Astrologers use the term "URANUS in 9th House in Solar Return" to describe a particular Astrological Reading technique of observing the moving planets forward in YEARLY BASIS. 

This technique is aptly named because it describes how a person progresses through their life From Birth Day to Birth day.


Astrosignature of The Destiny and Decisions

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