ASTROSIGNATURE of People with Strong Interest in Philosophy, politics, education, and religion

Philosophy, politics, education, and religion are four of the most important aspects of human society. They are all concerned with the fundamental questions of life, such as the nature of reality, the good life, and the relationship between individuals and society.

These four disciplines are all interconnected. Philosophy provides the foundation for political and legal thought. Education is essential for both individual and social development. And religion can provide a sense of purpose and meaning in life. 

Here are some examples of how these four disciplines intersect:
  • A philosopher might write a book about the ethics of artificial intelligence. 
  • A politician might propose a law that provides funding for public education. 
  • An educator might develop a curriculum that teaches students about different religions. 
  • A religious leader might give a sermon on the importance of social justice..
It is important to note that a single placement in a birth chart cannot give a complete picture of a person's personality. However, the placements listed below can be indicative of a strong interest in philosophy, politics, education, or religion. 

In addition to planetary placements, it is also important to consider the aspects in a birth chart. Aspects are connections between different planets and points in the chart. Certain aspects can indicate a strong interest in particular topics or areas of life. For example, a trine between Mercury and Jupiter can suggest a strong intellect and a natural ability to learn. A square between Mars and Pluto can suggest a passionate and driven personality..

Example #1, People with Date of Dec 10 1995

    8.00 Points, Sun in Sag
   15.00 Points, Mer in Sag
    1.00 Point,  Jup in Sag
    9.94 Points, Mercury cnj Jupiter, Orb = 2°22'
    0.06 Point,  Mercury conjunct Uranus/Pluto, Orb = 2°49'
    0.46 Point,  Ura ssqr Mercury/Pluto, Orb = 0°49'
    2.32 Points, Mercury conjunct Neptune/Pluto, Orb = 0°41'
  TOTAL= 36.78 points times 9.290 is 342 points 

Example #2 , People with Date of Birth 

    1.00 Point,  Venus in Sagitarius
    1.00 Point,  Jupiter in Sagitarius
    1.00 Point,  Moon in 9th house
    0.84 Point,  Mercury sxt Mars, Orb = 0°10'
   10.55 Points, Mercury cnj Jupiter, Orb = 2°05'
    5.34 Points, Mercury cnj Neptune, Orb = 0°46'
    0.42 Point,  Mercury sxt Pluto, Orb = 1°27'
    0.07 Point,  Mars sxt Neptune, Orb = 0°56'
    0.57 Point,  Mars conjunct Pluto, Orb = 1°17'
    3.69 Points, Mercury conjunct Jupiter/Neptune, Orb = 1°25'
    3.05 Points, Jupiter conjunct Mercury/Neptune, Orb = 1°41'
    6.36 Points, Neptune conjunct Mercury/Jupiter, Orb = 0°16'
  TOTAL= 33.89 points times 9.290 is 315 points

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