MOON IN 3RD HOUSE Of Solar Return Astrology Chart

 The Moon in the 3rd house is a sign that emotional influences compete or unite with rational thoughts for decision-making power. 

The interplay between these two levels of thought, the conscious and the unconscious levels, is key to the pattern of growth. If you depend too much on the conscious level, you might be trying to suppress or analyze your feelings before they are even apparent. 

This will not work. Feelings just are, and must be appreciated as they exist before symbols emerge, and they can be understood. On the other hand, you may feel more ruled by unconscious urges than clear-headed rationalism. Within this scenario, feelings overwhelm common sense and burst into the open when you least expect it. Freudian slips are possible despite your conscious efforts for restraint, and you inadvertently say things that were better left unsaid. Although these comments honestly reflect your true feelings, they go too far and reveal more than is in your best interest or the best interest of others.

The key to working with this placement is understanding the need for conscious and unconscious appreciation, integration, and consensus. 

This is not the time to depend totally on either conscious thoughts or feelings. It is the integration of the two levels of understanding which is most informative. Emotions will be the basis of learning, but once feelings have reached the surface, it is most insightful to understand them within the context of the total experience, both rational and emotional. For example, if you attend group therapy sessions during the year, you will focus on the psychological meaning of what is being said rather than the actual physical details. However, once the emotions have risen to the surface repeatedly, patterns of response will be intellectually understood.

The combination of an emotional planet in a rational house can also indicate that you get mixed messages. 

You may not be exactly sure when you are thinking and when you are responding from the gut level. You may even be of two minds, especially regarding a relationship. Your heart tells you one thing while your mind tells you another. Competition, rather than integration, is possible in those who do not work towards comprehension. Positively, this is a strong combination for those who yearn to integrate feelings and thoughts, and experience life as multidimensional, yet whole. If you are a writer, artist, psychologist, counselor, or holistic practitioner, the placement of the Moon in the 3rd house can indicate that you experience the conscious and unconscious mind as a unit working together. 

The artist can use creative projects to explore and understand emotional themes. If you are a counselor or involved in therapy yourself, you can use the conscious mind to decipher and interpret unconscious messages. Used wisely, mixed messages can lead to great insight. You can become a more public personality, especially in your own neighborhood or area of expertise. For example, one individual with the Moon in the 3rd house of the solar return had been working for a large organization. He then started his own business and began pushing his own products. He was lifted from the obscurity of the company to a more public position. What you do and say will become more noticeable this year. Your demeanor and presentation are important. You can make a lasting impression on those who see or hear you in a public capacity. You may even be a role model for others. Therefore it is important that you maintain a good public image and reputation.

Neighborhood selection is important to those who are thinking of purchasing a home. If you are already settled, this is a good time to become more involved with your neighbors and community association.



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