MOON IN THE 9TH HOUSE of your Yearly Horoscope


The 9th house of Solar return Chart is the house of beliefs: religious, philosophical, and mundane.

 The Moon placed in this house suggests a good time to reevaluate all beliefs in light of practical applications to daily situations. We think of the Moon as representative of common everyday experiences and domestic influences; there-fore, your beliefs must now pass the test of useful application. 

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Personal philosophy should help you cope with everyday situations and is-sues facing you. Higher knowledge and beliefs must be consistent with what is most practical and efficient on a mundane level. There might be times during the year when you feel you cannot reconcile higher knowledge with practical experience. What you believe does not help you with the decisions you must make. Discrepancies like these point out useless beliefs and the need for review. Emotional feedback from everyday situations and inter-actions with others will help you to find out which beliefs are world ng on a mundane level, and which ones leave you feeling vulnerable to life's pressures. 

Your old beliefs may be outdated. Beliefs can grow stagnant from a lack of review, and you must keep your philosophy current and consistent with your pattern of personal growth. Beliefs are sometimes carried over from someone else's system. Don't accept higher knowledge, religious or philosophical, blindly; what others espouse may or may not fit your needs. You will find that some enlightened thoughts are not helpful when it comes to functioning on the mundane, everyday level. They do not translate into practical rules to live by. Your philosophy must apply to your everyday circumstances. Review beliefs and personalize those which have meaning within the context of your own life. 

You could be asked to explain your beliefs in public, or teach, or write a book. In some way, you might be called upon to explain your beliefs. This is a good time to practice what you preach or make adjustments in the sermon. This is the key to utilizing the review process. Practice helps you formulate a philosophy that fits your everyday life. You retain what works and discard what does not. Through this testing process, you can develop a philosophy that works for you spiritually, emotionally, and physically. 

Because the Moon is in the 9th house of solar return chart, what you give and get out of relationships will be very important. Our beliefs set the tone for our interactions with others, and our responses to daily situations. 

For example, a common Christian belief is that one should turn the other cheek if offended, assaulted, etc. While this might be good advice for some situations, it may not be helpful all the time or in your particular situation. If you are repeatedly abused, verbally or physically, it might be time to develop a new tactic. A religion/philosophy which encourages you to remain in an abusive situation is questionable and should be reevaluated. 

Your beliefs about relationships regulate the demands and expectations you have in a relationship. Your life is at least partially structured by your beliefs. If you think that all authority figures are controlling, then you will tend to draw individuals who confirm your expectations. This is a good time to review your beliefs about others and relationships. 

It is likely that some beliefs will be changed and modified as you begin to work towards a more successful philosophy. 

You may be involved in a legal matter during the year, and consequently become more familiar with the legal system and the judiciary process. You may consult a lawyer, or you might be involved in a court case as a plaintiff, defendant, witness, or jury member. You may be interested enough to follow a particularly fascinating court case. Legal matters are not necessarily strongly emphasized. The most common manifestation is seeing a lawyer during the year. 

You may return to school or take a course during the coming year. Topics may be aca-demic, recreational, or artistic. On the other hand, you could be teaching rather than studying. Teaching may help you ground your spiritual or philosophical thoughts and beliefs. Certain topics require examples and applications from real life to be understood. 

Travel is also a possibility with the Moon in the 9th house of solar return chart. Usually the more planets in the 9th house, the more likely you are to travel. Travel can be to a foreign country, but you may only do extensive traveling within this country. It is also possible that you regularly commute and over a fair distance for your job or for other reasons. Increased travel time may occur without foreign travel per se. 

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