MOON IN 4TH HOUSE in Solar Return Astrology Chart

 A 4th house solar return Moon suggests an emphasis on two important areas: 

the physical home or domestic situation, and the emotional needs and perceptions of the individual. Usually, these two major areas of concern parallel each other and changes manifesting in the home or home life are reflected in emotional changes the individual is experiencing internally. For example, if you do extensive remodeling of your home, it is likely you will also experience emotional disruption during the period of renovation. 

It can be argued that the emotional disruption is directly caused by the upheaval in the physical environment of the home; but, it is also possible that your emotional situation is changing rapidly and internal dissatisfaction actually caused the desire for renovation.

Perhaps a different example will illustrate this better. 

Whenever one moves into a new home, some amount of redecoration takes place. The priorities set at this time can be indicative of the individual’s emotional climate. Those who are withdrawn or recovering from a difficult emotional trauma might decorate the master bedroom first. The master bedroom suite is probably the most private part of the home and is not always seen by a visitor, yet it is viewed as the most restful room in the home, a protective inner sanctum that revitalizes energies. Establishing a priority of redoing this room first may reflect a desire to soothe injured feelings before all else. In this manner, internal emotional needs lead to external choices made in regard to the home.

You are apt to either change your place of residence or change something about your home when the Moon is in the 4th house of the solar return chart.

 You can purchase a new home and move, but it is just as likely that changes will occur within your existing home or domestic situation. For example, you could have a household member come or go during the year, perhaps a new roommate moves in, or a grown child moves out to a separate residence. Feeling “at home” becomes very important and you need to make changes in your home or lifestyle to attain this sense of comfort. Your aim will be to create a place of retreat reflecting your individual emotional style and needs. There are a number of different ways to do this and changes can be either physical or emotional, radical or minor.

Occasionally, domestic needs affect career goals. 

Interest in providing a comfortable home environment may become a career concentration. It is possible to begin a career in real estate, home design, or interior decoration during the year. Security issues related to your home or future retirement may lead you to plan a career move or to change your job.

Emotional feelings are the second major area of concern with the Moon in the 4th. 

Your emotional needs are stronger and more urgent at this time, probably because you are coping with an element of change or disruption. You are very aware of the understanding and emotional support you receive from others, or the lack thereof. You want to feel a strong emotional connection to those around you and need greater intimacy. If others cannot or will not match your needs, you withdraw emotionally and physically from disappointing situations. You tend to be more protective of others and can draw dependent relationships during the year if you feel the need to mother or be mothered. If grown children are leaving home, it is possible to experience the empty nest syndrome. New mothers may experience postpartum blues. These feelings are all related to a maturing emotional nature and changing circumstances. Focusing on your own emotional needs at this time will help you to make the necessary adjustments.

Changes in your emotional circumstances can be more relative than actual.

 Your situation stays the same, but suddenly you have realizations which open your eyes to new possibilities and problems. Intuitively, you now sense much more than you are told. This ability can give you a wealth of new knowledge and insight, though you might be reluctant to trust it at first. What you sense intuitively may or may not be different from what you are told verbally. If there is a discrepancy, you’ll feel torn in two directions and not know what to believe.

Extreme sensitivity to issues related to the home is common, and what actually transpires in the domestic environment, physically and/or emotionally, tends to affect you deeply. Aspects to the Moon or other planets in the 4th house imply either increased or diminished physical and emotional satisfaction. If you are in a very difficult situation and your home life is disrupted, it is possible to feel homeless with this placement, but for those who work with their feelings, there awaits a new sense of roots.


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