PROGRESS MOON IN 12TH - Secondary Progression

 Day for a year Method of Prediction A.K.A Secondary Progression.

In Moon in 12TH House

It is time to slow down and reflect on your life. 

You are ending one phase of your life and starting another. This does not mean that everything changes during this phase, but rather that you change in some meaningful way. At the end of this phase you may be in the same career, home, and relationship with the same friends and family members.

 However, you are likely to have changed in some way. Of course, it is possible that your process of reflection results in a change of direction, ending one phase of your life before moving on to a completely new scenario. You would be well advised to ponder any changes rather than make rash decisions. 

This is a time of you working surreptitiously to achieve your life goals. You are unlikely to receive recognition for your efforts right now. This will come later. You can liken this phase to a theatrical production. Much behind the scenes work is carried out on a production before the season begins. The director plots the action, the actors rehearse, the sets, lighting and costumes are designed, to name just some of the behind the scenes activities. Eventually the lights go up on a polished and professional performance and everyone receives well-deserved accolades. Right now you are working behind the scenes on something important in your life. 

This could be a hobby, a work project, home renovations, pregnancy, finances or perhaps even a budding relationship. It is important that you take time to contemplate your goals and personal needs so that you can benefit from the rewards that come in the next phase of your life. Procrastination is not helpful during this phase. Meditation and prayer may be beneficial. 

The sign of your progressed Moon will also show you the manner in which you are likely to withdraw from society. 

For instance if your progressed Moon is in a fire or air sign then you are more likely to be restless unless actively working behind the scenes on a project. If your progressed Moon is in an earth or water sign then you may be more satisfied to reflect quietly on the different aspects of your life.

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Astrologers use the term "Secondary Progressions" to describe a particular technique of moving planets 1 day is equal to 1 year . This technique is aptly named because it describes how a person progresses through their life. Progressions describe the different phases in our lives as well as our inner urges and how they affect our lives rather than dramatic outer events. 


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