Astrological Transit of MOON in 7th House of Marriage

For this brief two-and-a-half-day period each month, you get the opportunity to pay attention to how the important relationships in your life make you feel. 

Be careful about acting on these feelings, though, because the Moon is completely irrational. You perceive offense where none was intended, for example. Do, however, pay attention to your intuition about those close to you on these days, because sometimes we notice what's really going on only when we are guided by the gut rather than the mind. 


After the Moon has finished making all of the major planetary aspects it will make in its current sign, we say that she is void of course, or VOC. Depending on the positions of the Sun and other planets, this VOC period may last anywhere from a few seconds to a day or more. The traditional interpretation of the VOC Moon is "nothing will come of the matter." 

These are probably not the best times to initiate an enterprise that needs to grow and change. 

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When the luckiest planet in the solar system enters the house of relationships, it can only mean good things—right? Yes, but it may not mean exactly what you expect it to mean..... Learn more...

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Traditional name: House of Marriage 

Terrain: partners, marriage, relationships between equals, open enemies, judgment, negotiation, arbitration, mediation 

Shares common ground with: the sign of Libra; the planet Venus 

Traditionally, the seventh house was called the House of Marriage. To our modern minds, this conjures visions of romantic couples. Certainly, we find committed marriage partners in this house. But we also find other relation-ships of great importance. This is a house of  equals, so our closest peer friendships and business partnerships are found here, as well as our sworn and open enemies. If you are being sued, the plaintiff will be represented by this house. 

The seventh house describes your close relationships, yes. But since it's in your birth chart, it also tells us about you. So the seventh house symbolizes the way others perceive you in relationships, the way you approach relating, and whom you can hope to become through close relationships. 

Transits in the seventh house provide catalysts to begin or end relationships, renegotiate their terms, and learn significant lessons that you can only understand through your closest relationships. 

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