Mars square or opposite Neptune — Ruler of Pisces,  in Solar Return, 

Indicates your actions may or may not mesh with the circumstances at hand or be understandable by others. 

There can be a disconnect. 

Quite possibly, your motivation is not only unclear to others, but perhaps even to you yourself. 

This leads to a great deal of uncertainty or confusion as to direction, goal, timing, and the possibility of success. Actions may entail an act of faith or be totally aimless. For those who are spiritually minded, this can be a test of trust. You know deep down that you are to proceed, but cannot explain your motivation.

The prompting comes from an esoteric, poorly defined source. It is left up to you to keep moving putting one foot in front of the other without any guarantee that your efforts will succeed. Careful planning during this time is not feasible. 

You must ad-lib your way to success as you go along. You may be a believer, but you better be right! Be ready with an alternate plan if matters do not progress the way you want them to. This process of stepping into the unknown can be very foreign to others who may deride or thwart your efforts. Where you wish to take action, shown by the solar return house placement of Mars, is impacted by uncertainty arising from the solar return house placement of Neptune. 
  • MARS IN : ( | 1ST ) , ( | 2ND  | ) , ( | 3RD  | ) , ( | 4TH  | ) , ( 5TH  | ) , ( | 6TH  | )  7TH  | ) , ( | 8TH  | ) , ( | 9TH  | ) , ( | 10TH  | ) , ( | 11TH | ) ,  ( | 12TH  | ) HOUSE
  • NEPTUNE  IN ( | 1ST  | ) , ( | 2ND | ) ( | 3RD  | ) , ( | 4TH | ) ( | 5TH  | ) , ( | 6TH  | ) , ( | 7TH  | ) , ( | 8TH | ) , (  | 9TH  | ) , ( | 10TH | ) , (  | 11TH | ) , ( | 12TH  | )  HOUSE

For example, 

You might wish to start your own business or change careers, but you have no idea what you would like to do. Perhaps you have a good career idea, but you do not know how to market yourself. Maybe others are not supportive. 

Uncertainty undermines your actions. 

This can be manageable and understandable, or frustrating and last most of the Solar Return year.
Whenever the aspect between planets is a square or opposition, the possibility exists that you are dealing with forces outside of yourself and not just your own psyche. Helpful, or more likely, impeding individuals with their contradictory opinions are brought into the mix. 
  • MARS CONJUNCT NEPTUNE ,  there is no guarantee that you know what you are doing, or that you understand the ramifications of your actions....
When Mars is square or opposite Neptune, your confusion, uncertainty, or lack of planning and direction may lead to others' misinterpretation of your actions. 

You may unwillingly foster negative responses which will make your progress more difficult. Communication may be key to gaining support from others, but explaining or defending yourself is a distraction. You can be pulled off course, scattering your energy and efforts aimlessly. You will be shocked how quickly you drift from your sense of purpose. While it is important to consider objective feedback and constructive criticism from others, you must stay focused and adhere to your course.

There is no guarantee that you know what you are doing, or that you understand the ramifications of your actions. Most likely, others will point this out to you. If you are dealing with new procedures or institutions, you might not receive correct information. In your defense, directions aren't always clear. If you establish a new business, you may be making it up as you go along and this can have mixed results. Those who are on the cutting edge of their field of endeavor don't always have a roadmap for success. Concepts tend to evolve through several manifestations of success and failure before becoming useful, applicable, and practical. 

These issues are not necessarily an impediment to success, but you must remain flexible and take corrective action early on if you have totally miscalculated results and responses. What seems like the best way to proceed can fail or backfire. 

For this reason, be vigilant as you analyze and adjust to changing circumstances. 

The house placements for the Mars and Neptune — Ruler of Pisces, can indicate where this process is most needed.

Planet in Solar Return Chart Aspecting to MARS

Planet in Solar Return Aspecting in NEPTUNE
 Beyond issues of uncertainty, confusion, and misinterpretation, is the more negative manifestation of aimlessness. You may or may not be to blame for this. If you do not maintain some sense of focus, you can while away the hours in front of the television or computer and accomplish nothing. There is no guarantee that you will be productive or successful during the year, but you are less likely to accomplish anything without any intention

Whatsoever. Neptune rules dreams, as in a vision or goal, or dreams as in a fog that lulls you into complacency and inaction. On the other hand, you may feel aimless because you are on hold, waiting for an answer or approval that seems to take forever. Your dream resides in the abyss until you get the appropriate response, leaving you without a clear course of action.

Neptune rules sensitivity and higher spiritual principles such as compassion and service to others. When Mars is square or opposite Neptune in Solar return, you can be called to make a sacrifice and respond to life in a more caring and principled way. You might feel accountable not only for what you do, but also for what you do not do. For this reason, you may contribute to charities or volunteer to work for charitable organizations. Your increased sensitivity leaves you affected by the plight and needs of others. 

The danger arises when you try to help someone who really does not wish to be helped or saved despite the possibility of dire consequences. Mars-Neptune aspects are associated with savior-victim syndrome wherein the helping savior becomes victimized by an individual's resistance to assistance and healing. This is especially common when dealing with addicted partners and family members.

An outlet through service, spirituality, artistry, or creativity is essential as Neptune rules both a higher than normal level of functioning and a lower than normal level of functioning. Those who cannot handle the tense emotional sensitivity associated with Neptune, or those who become helpless when facing life challenges, may instead choose to escape through drugs, alcohol, or addictions to food, gambling, or sex. 

This pathway leads to a downward spiral of dysfunction that goes far beyond uncertainty, confusion, or fogginess. Should this tendency toward escapism and addiction be already established before the solar return year starts, or be in the process of development, conditions will probably worsen. Those who do not have an addictive personality, nor a desire to escape, will generally choose a more fruitful path and higher manifestation.

You are more apt to be secretive during the year, and this may or may not work out for you. You do run the risk of discovery as Neptune aspects do not guarantee privacy. Secrecy is particularly common with addictive behavior. You might hide your activities because they would meet with disapproval or more serious consequences from those you are close to or society as a whole. On the other hand, a good reason for secrecy is that you need to develop a major project quietly. Piracy and competition are major threats, and it is in your best interest to finalize your invention and seek a patent before disclosing your intentions or activities. 

Many pursuits have nothing to do with spirituality or faith. The most likely interpretation for mundane goals when Mars is square or opposite Neptune in Solar Return is an uncertainty as to future direction or results. During the year, you cannot be sure your actions will succeed since there are no guarantees. Doubts and rumors plague you along with mixed reviews from others. It might be comforting to know that uncertainty is just that, uncertain, and it tends to fade or be resolved with the next solar return.

  • MARS IN : ( | 1ST ) , ( | 2ND  | ) , ( | 3RD  | ) , ( | 4TH  | ) , ( 5TH  | ) , ( | 6TH  | )  7TH  | ) , ( | 8TH  | ) , ( | 9TH  | ) , ( | 10TH  | ) , ( | 11TH | ) ,  ( | 12TH  | ) HOUSE
  • NEPTUNE  IN ( | 1ST  | ) , ( | 2ND | ) ( | 3RD  | ) , ( | 4TH | ) ( | 5TH  | ) , ( | 6TH  | ) , ( | 7TH  | ) , ( | 8TH | ) , (  | 9TH  | ) , ( | 10TH | ) , (  | 11TH | ) , ( | 12TH  | )  HOUSE
Planet in Solar Return Chart Aspecting to MARS

Planet in Solar Return Aspecting in NEPTUNE


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All sense of house placement is lost when the solar return goes outside the natal in a biwheel chart technique. This is a major loss, and it can cripple one's ability to interpret the solar return. There is a specific reason that the natal chart goes on the outside of a biwheel chart. As stated above, the solar return chart is meant to stand alone with much of its interpretation based on house placement. heres why, 👉


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