MERCURY Conjunct URANUS in your Yearly Horoscope

Mercury conjunct Uranus in the solar return chart 

suggests that you are open to new ideas which may take the form of information you are learning, concepts you are developing yourself, or inspiration you are receiving intuitively. 

Some revelations and previously undisclosed information may be shocking. The conjunction can be a sign of great creativity leading to a year of achievement, or a sign of great nervousness and an inability to concentrate. 

This is a time of high mental energy which must be channeled productively. 

What calms the mind is focusing on a major, com-plex, demanding project or course of study. You can push for genius status and succeed, or fail because of repeated distractions and mental derailment.
When working on something that requires sustained mental energy, take frequent breaks to renew focus. 

The beauty of Mercury conjunct Uranus in Solar Return is the ability to approach problems from many different angles. You are not locked into one structured way of thinking or doing. You tend to break out of any restriction. You grow bored and restless with limiting procedures and rigid schedules. Instead, you crave the freedom to be innovative and original.  
Thinking outside the box and brainstorming with others allows you to develop practical solutions to problems.  New information may be more exciting than organizing what you already know, and this can be a problem if you jump from topic to topic. 

Your mind is somewhat unstructured and your ability to think may be interrupted, on one hand, or enhanced, on the other hand, by erratic impulses. These sudden intrusions may inspire you, mislead you, or unnerve you. 

You might experience much psychological stress during the year which can affect your mental stability. Increased nervousness, anxiety, and irrational thinking may be directly related to unrelenting factual changes and indecisiveness. Situations are fluid, and your status or perspective can change with the tides. 

Impulsivity on your part can make situations more volatile then need be. You can be inappropriately willful and disruptive. If you change positions frequently, your word will not be dependable. Promises will mean nothing. Think before you speak Be quick to listen and slow to decide. Question the necessity of excessive tension and change in your life. Is it productive and desirable or destructive? If possible, withdraw from those situations which tax your mental health and destabilize your life. Work on calming and nurturing your nervous system with relaxation techniques like meditation. Avoid stimulants if they aggravate your nervous system. 

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Astrologers use the term "MERCURY Conjunct URANUS in Solar Return" to describe a particular Astrological Reading technique of observing the moving planets forward in YEARLY BASIS. 

This technique is aptly named because it describes how a person progresses through their life From Birth Day to Birth day.

Therefore Progress In Yearly Solar Return are likely to show us signposts in life's journey and consequently help us gain wisdom and understanding. 


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