MERCURY IN 2ND HOUSE Of your yearly Horoscope

 Mercury in the 2nd house of Solar Return chart is associated with financial planning and monetary decisions. 

Planning usually involves immediate financial needs rather than long-range retirement plans, which tend to be more closely related to placements in the 4th house of the solar return chart. 

More specific to Mercury in the 2nd house are conscious decisions about expenditures, income, and discussions about establishing a household budget.

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You need to discover how your money is being spent and may keep detailed lists of expenditures. If you have been an impulsive spender in the past, you may decide that now is the time to assess carefully the necessity of each future purchase. 

You may also want to make decisions about the amount of money you are earning. 

It may be necessary for you to get a job if you are not already employed, or earn more through overtime or part-time work. 

For those who are already working, this is a time to reassess the amount of money you are earning in relation to the quality of work you put out. 

The 2nd house rules one’s sense of self-worth. Mercury in the 2nd can indicate that you decide that you deserve more money, (rarely less), not because you need more or less to live on, but because your salary should be commensurate with your value as a worker. You are apt to be very vocal about renegotiating your salary. If  your Moon square or opposite Uranus in a solar return chart, you are moving from one home or office to another. Unfortunately, the move is not necessarily an easy one to make. It might require a lot of planning and troubleshooting that lasts for most of the year. 

This is a good time to get your facts straight and graphically illustrate your increased productivity. Keep a log of money-saving ideas you have generated for your company and the amount of money you were able to save. Be certain of your facts and don’t overestimate your productivity or worth. If you are self-employed, run a cost analysis of your office expenses and raise prices accordingly.

Self-worth issues are also common for those who are not employed or who only do volunteer work.

 You may feel that the services you offer to others are taken for granted. You need to hear how much you are appreciated. If you reassess what you do for others in regard to how well you are treated by these same people, you may decide that you should expect better treatment. Encourage others to appreciate what you do for them. 

Also, learn to appreciate yourself. If time spent helping others drains away time you should spend on your own needs, it is essential that you prioritize tasks so that all the essential ones are completed first. Do not shortchange yourself. 

Your needs may be as important as the needs of others. This is a good time to make changes because you deserve more consideration and better treatment. Decide to limit your contact with people who do not respect your needs to avoid situations that are not good for you.

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