MERCURY IN 8TH HOUSE Of your Yearly horoscope

The phrase "acute awareness'' encapsulates the interpretation of  Mercury in the 8th house of the solar return. 

Your mind is more insightful and reflective during this year, 

and there will be times when you will see more or know more than you were previously aware of. Knowledge of the unconscious mind grows quicky, leaving you overwhelmed by the change.

You are more aware of nuances, motives, and psychological conflicts in yourself and others. Subtle shifts in power and power plays will be more obvious to you now.
The interpretation of Mercury in the 8th house is very similar to the interpretation of the Sun or the Moon in this house, but there is an important difference. 

When Mercury is in the 8th, ...


you are more apt to gain an understanding of psychological issues as a result of training and education.  You become intellectually aware of psychological complexes and power struggles, but they generally do not disrupt your life or upset you emotionally. When the Sun is in the 8th house, you are more likely to be disrupted by the turmoil of living with your own psychological issues or those of others. When the Moon is in the 8th house, you may be upset emotionally by complex unconscious forces and power struggles. Mercury in the 8th house is generally not upsetting, only insightful.  

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