MERCURY IN THE 11TH HOUSE of Solar return Chart

The 10th house of Solar return chart rules laws and standards established by society to govern groups of people. Because they were prepared for the masses, they may not fit all individual situations or meet individual needs. 

Planet in Solar Return Chart Aspecting to Mercury

The 11th house rules laws and standards established by the individual after reevaluating society's restrictions and regulations in light of personal experience.

With this Mercury placement, you will probably question social restrictions in an attempt to personalize limitations and understand their usefulness in your present situation. It is possible that your needs as an individual conflict with society's expectations. 

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For example, if you are involved in a very difficult marriage and you are attracted to someone new, you might toy with the idea of having an affair. Pressure and needs relevant to your personal situation may contradict social restrictions. 

Because Mercury usually relates to a mental exercise, it is not necessary that you actually transgress social norms or experience compromising situations. Your reassessment may consist of a continuing intellectual or theoretical debate running through your mind for most of the year. But it is essential that you question the rules by which you live your daily life, and that you develop a new personal code of ethics. 

The 11th house also emphasizes group needs versus individual needs. Therefore, it is common for the individual to be involved with a group or social situation which focuses on balancing these two energies. 

You may be involved in a group because you are more likely to attain goals through a combined effort than working independently. You may need to share thoughts and experiences with others and establish new goals for the future. The group you are involved in may be primarily intellectual or social, but it is also possible that the group is working toward a common goal. Communication among group members or the discussion of pressing issues may be an important part of the group efforts. 

Mercury in the 11th house may indicate self-help groups, especially if Mercury is squared by a planet in the 1st house, although these groups are more closely associated with the Moon or Mars in the 11th. 

Some organized groups tend to support group needs and goals over the needs of the individual. The individual may feel compromised in this situation. For example, a new collective business group hired a full-time advertising person to promote their business. They needed to hold down expenses since finances were limited. The person creating and placing the ads believed in the group efforts, but he needed to live off the salary received. In this case, the group goal of holding down expenses was not consistent with the individual's need to earn a good salary and provide a valuable service. The balance of individual needs versus group needs is usually emphasized in some way when Mercury is in the 11th house. 

A question of personal freedom underlies the issues of Mercury in the 11th house. Whether you are dealing with friends, groups, or society at large, the amount of individual freedom you enjoy is controlled to a certain degree by the relationships you have. You must accept certain restrictions and considerations so that your behavior does not impinge on the rights and freedoms of others. Therefore, issues related to monogamy in a relationship or loyalty among friends may be important 

Since this is a decisive year for goals, the process of questioning established norms is particularly important This is a time when you should be open to the new ideas and directions so necessary to the formulation of future goals. The questioning process opens your mind to original ways of thinking and frees you from unnecessary restrictions. The reevaluation process also helps you distinguish practical goals from unrealistic dreams. Mercury in the 11th house can suggest that you are able to justify theoretically your need for freedom from pointless restraint in order to pursue new goals for the future. 

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