MERCURY IN FIRST HOUSE of Solar Return Astrological Chart

 Mercury in the 1st house can show that your mind is very focused on self-interest. 

You will concentrate on your own needs, develop your own ideas and opinions, and/or make your own personal decisions.

You will tend to be intellectually independent. You will rely more and more on your own thought processes and make decisions independently, possibly disregarding feedback or consultations with others. Subjective interpretation can be very strong. You may only see one side of an issue, especially if there are no indications of objectivity in the solar return chart (e.g., 7th house planets and oppositions).  

Understanding other viewpoints may be difficult if you cannot relate to ideas other than your own. You value your own thoughts and opinions so highly that you may believe what you want regardless of what others tell you. This may not be a good time to understand others. You might have blind spots which make you unyielding and uninformed. You may stubbornly insist that you are right without reviewing the information. This can be a time of great conviction or great stupidity. 

Intellectual development is possible during this time, 


but generally, the individual prefers to be self-taught rather than return to school. More than likely, the emphasis is on testing and using already acquired intellectual abilities rather than focusing on further development. This is a time to put into action what you already know. Mercury in the 1st can be very good for reading, writing, studying, or any task that requires single-mindedness to complete. Even so, sometimes there are two major tasks being worked on. 

Your mind is very active and very quick, perhaps even impulsive. 

You may choose to hammer out your ideas during conversations. Be aware that you will tend to be very opinionated and perhaps even dogmatic during the discussions. Because you are in the process of developing your ideas, your thoughts will change over the year. You may have to eat some of your dogmatic decrees, so it would be wise to talk softly. 

If you are not learning, reading, writing, studying, or actively thinking in a productive manner, Mercury in the 1st can symbolize a negative use of mental energy. Misdirected thought processes can succumb to nervousness, anxiety, and depression. Inconsistencies between what you know and what you are told may be at the root of your anxiety. 

It would be better for you to get away from a preoccupation with your problems, and focus instead on positive mental alternatives and solutions to your situation. This can be a highly productive year, one in which your personal preferences gain strength and significance.

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