MERCURY IN 6TH HOUSE Of your yearly Solar Return

Mercury in the 6th house of Solar return chart can indicate a desire to evaluate your health and health practices at this time.
 Mercury by itself does not generally indicate serious health problems, but rather a realization that changes should be made if wellness is to continue. 

This is an excellent time to make decisions that will have a positive effect on your future health.

When 👉 Mercury in the 6th house of Solar return chart  You should become more aware of  the value of exercise, adequate rest, good nutrition, and eating habits.   Aspect to Mercury in the Solar return chart can also be indicative of mental Conditioning because they suggest that rational thinking is either enhance or impeded by other personality factor, For example..

Educate yourself on these topics and begin to incorporate the information into your daily routine.

Learn stress-reduction techniques and question your involvement in stressful activities. Your mind is not only instrumental in making decisions concerning your health, but it is also directly related to physical health. 

Stressful situations can quickly lead from nervousness and anxiety to physical illness; therefore relaxation and the elimination of unnecessary stress is crucial.

 If your mind is not focused on positive learning, you can become very anxious about your health.

Excessive worry can lead to hypochondria. Choose to work with health issues before they become health problems.  And Here are more example case study on how to intererpret your Solar Return Year.
During the coming Solar Return year, you may have to face certain facts about your job, work habits, or working conditions.

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It is likely that your job will grow a bit more tedious and detail-oriented. You may have a lot more paperwork to handle. 

Your ability to pay attention to detail may be helpful if you are working in quality control, but do not let your push for the perfect product become stressful or obsessive. 

Tension on the job, without recourse, can make you overly critical of your position, co-workers, or employees. Use your analytical ability for constructive criticism. 

If you are in a position of authority, you may be able to reorganize your office or working time so as to be more productive. The 👉 6th house rules the day-to-day issues surrounding employment, rather than major career decisions. 
Analyze the daily operation of the office and explore methods for greater efficiency. 

If you are not in management, you can still make suggestions for improvement. Even those individuals who have no authority must make decisions concerning their jobs or work environments. Depending on your position within the company, you may not have a lot of freedom in these decisions and may only be offered "either-or" choices.   
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Transiting Mercury brings with him the gift of curiosity. 

When your mind is intrigued by a problem, it will usually get solved. 

When your curiosity is aroused by creating more efficient ways to use your resources, schedules, systems, and timetables get put in place. 

For a few weeks, while Mercury transits your sixth house, you’re finally interested in sorting out the messes in your life. 

Hand it all over to Mercury as you would give a restless child a toy to keep him occupied. Make a full audit of your household, habits, and life goals; how might you streamline your routines and refine your objectives? What could you be doing, or doing better, to improve your health?


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