The key to understanding each house in Astrology ( Personal and Transpersonal Planet )

The key to understanding each house is understanding its respective planet. 
For instance, having Mercury in the fifth house means that you are athletic, curious, have a taste for intellectual games, and love children. 

The Personal and Transpesonal Planet in Astrology Chart

The Sun (personal planet): 

Symbolizes inner strength, truth, and ego. The sun shines on our individuality and the best parts of who we really are. The sun illuminates the parts of us that are grand without losing our sense of self. 

The Moon (personal planet): 

Corresponds with our intuition and emotions. It illuminates the deepest aspects of our hearts—things that we don’t readily share but hope others pick up on instinctively. The moon teaches us how to relate to other people sentimentally and how we feel about our memories.

Mercury (personal planet): 

Corresponds with travel, communication, news, and information. With Mercury, we can be sure things are in order and functioning properly. 

Venus (personal planet): 

Corresponds with sensuality, money, friendship, comfort, and social grace. It is the planet of love and relationships. 

Mars (personal planet): 

Corresponds with passion and confidence. It provides us with the ability to take action. With Mars, you will have trust in your decisions about love; it will give you the energy you need to make things work. 

Jupiter (personal planet): 

Corresponds with travel, philosophy, luck, education, and wisdom. This means that Jupiter can expand our minds. Saturn (personal planet): This is the planet of soulmates and bonds that cannot be broken. It corresponds with everlasting partnerships. 

Uranus (transpersonal planet): 

This is the planet of social change; when revolutions happen. It corresponds with unconventionality, shake-ups, breakups, and growth.

Neptune (transpersonal planet): 

This is the planet of dreams and inspiration. It corresponds with mystery and compassion. It is a tender and sentimental planet, and on the flip side, it can bring about obsessions and delusions. 

Pluto (transpersonal planet): 

This is the planet of desires and passion. It helps us to transform and evolve without fear of the unknown.


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The First Twelve Days of Aries Season : Hacking the Whole Year.

 The first twelve days of Aries, beginning on the spring equinox, are quantum-level opportunities where we plant positive energy to come into fruition in the corresponding month of the astrological year. 

On each of the first twelve days of Aries, we can contemplate the relevant consciousness and say the affirmation of the corresponding astrological month. 

For example, 
On day one of Aries, we program the quantum-level energy of the first month of the astrological year, which is Aries. On day two of Aries, we program the quantum-level energy of the second month of the astrological year, which is Taurus. And so on, until we complete the twelve days. ( ͡❛ ͜Κ– ͡❛) πŸ‘‰ See the Current Zodiac Season 2023


What brought Couple Together to get Married, Synastry or Composite?

 Is Because of Zodiac Sign Compatibility?  Conjuction, Trine and Sextile, Between the Chart? What I found is that the COMPOSITE CHART Dominated in Importance of what brought Couple To get Married. When it comes to marriage, both synastry and composite charts can be helpful in understanding what brought the couple together and what their relationship has the potential to be. However, the COMPOSITE CHART is often more informative in this regard, as it provides a more holistic view of the relationship. Here are some specific ways in which synastry and composite charts can be used to understand marriage:

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