Transiting SATURN Aspect in Natal URANUS

Transit to Natal of Saturn
In Square Aspect to Uranus,
Transit Last for about 1 month for example, Entering Apr 15, Exact Apr 25, Leaving May 7.

This can be a time of great tension. 

You experience less of the tension if you have built your life on a firm foundation with a healthy balance between responsibility and the need for freedom and change. 

However, if you have allowed your life to become stuck in tired, rigid routines, this Saturn Square Uranus transit can be very upsetting. Any area of your life that has become stuck in a rut is open to challenge and you will find it best to face the challenge of changing old patterns and embrace new and exciting plans.

Transiting SATURN

In Trine Aspect 


You now have the opportunity to balance a healthy sense of responsibility with the ability to embrace new and exciting concepts. 

Areas of your life which may have become a little staid are now enlivened. Whereas in the past you may have experienced obstacles to moving in new directions, you now have an understanding that breakthroughs are imminent. This is also an ideal time to explore new avenues of interest, to take up those opportunities to delve into exciting new activities. Metaphysics, science and the world of computers may all appeal. 👉Transiting URANUS Trine Natal SATURN in Defferent Interpretation.


In Opposition Aspect, 
A need to break out of routines can surface during this transit. 

You may feel rebellious, restless and extremely frustrated in areas in your life that up until now felt safe and secure. It is best not to follow this instinct to break away, but to reassess your life carefully. Recognise that the intensity of the feeling is simply caused by changes within yourself that have suddenly emerged. Once you have put some of these changes into action within the areas of concern, you may not need to make such radical changes to the structures.


In Sesquisquare Aspect,
It is a challenge to find a balance between your need for stability compared to your wish for more excitement. 

It could be that your attempts to explore new areas of stimulation are thwarted either by events, other people, or your own fears. If you persist, slowly but surely, you will be able to incorporate changes into your life.

✍(◔◡◔)Also note :

When using these interpretations SATURN Aspect in Natal URANUS, please bear in mind that, inevitably, every chart will contain some contradictory influences, and as a result certain interpretations of different items in the same chart may seem difficult to reconcile. 

AGAIN, Pls Notice  Transiting SATURN, as you look up in the Sky Are in Aspect  Natal URANUS So it mean ..

Transiting URANUS Aspect in Natal SATURN, is diferrent interpretation

In Transit to Natal, Defferent order defferent interpretation, take note on that.

However, this may still be an accurate reflection of what is happening to the individual whose transits are being interpreted, as people do experience conflicting desires, events and circumstances in their lives. 

It is the responsibility of the astrologer to synthesise these apparent contradictions in order to present a cohesive and realistic interpretation of the dilemmas of the chart. 



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