ASTRO OBSERVATION 2021: Pluto Square Venus in Progressed Natal chart

EXPECTED MAJOR LIFE THEME: Tension in relationship


  • In Orb Feb 1 2021, Already Feb 1 2021, Leaving Feb 3 2021
  • Entering Jul 14 2021, Exact Aug 23 2021, Exact Nov 28 2021, Leaving Jan 5 2022

This is a time when tensions erupt in your relationship with your partner. No matter how hard you try, and usually it is very hard during this transit, the course of love just does not run smoothly. 

It may be that you are demanding a more honest and intense level of commitment, or it could be your partner who wants changes. 

Whatever the circumstances the sparks are flying, sometimes fueling a positive fire and others flaming old wounds. If you are not already in a relationship, you may attract an intense partner at this time.

ASTRO OBSERVATION is base on my personal personal natal chart , the timing of the transiting is applicable only in selected person (for me), and its use for Astrological influence research.