Astrological Transit of PLUTO in 6th House of Health

Where Pluto transits, 

we become aware of our individual insignificance and are called to align ourselves with something larger. 

Pluto transiting the sixth house brings you face to face with life-or-death circumstances that consume your attention and daily routine.

Perhaps you take a job that requires you to respond to urgent and dramatic situations. It could be that someone very close to you struggles with a serious problem that requires your constant help and support. 

You might simply move to a place where, every day, you are re-minded of the fragility of life and the challenge of surviving in extreme environments. Pluto's transits are the longest, and the changes they describe are the sort of major transformations that take many years to complete. 

By the time Pluto moves out of your sixth house, 

your daily life will look absolutely different than it did at the beginning of this transit. 

To make sure you will like the finished product, do your best to be of optimal service to those around you and to the causes that mean the most to you. Perform good works without any expectation of reward. Be humble. Be honest. Be kind to others. Live a life that makes you proud. 

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Pluto in 6th House of Yearly Solar Return

You can become a workaholic this Solar Return year   if you are not mindful of the need to balance your workload. 

If you analyze your productivity, you may discover that your time is not efficiently organized. Learn to streamline your day by creating more efficient daily routines Learn More...


Traditional name: House of Health 

Terrain: health, work, service, servants, co-workers, duties, habits, routines, chores, care-taking, pets and small animals, skills 

Shares common ground with: the sign of Virgo; the planets Mercury, Mars (traditional astrologers place Mars in its "joy" in the sixth house) 

 While planets transit your sixth house, they awaken your craving for order. Your life has, to some extent, become a mess; it's time to clean it up and sort it out. 


Transiting Pluto in the first house will change the landscape of your life just as surely as Uranus or Neptune will. 

But the effect of Pluto transiting this house is to strip you bare of any artifice or insincerity, like an actress caught by the paparazzi without her makeup

You won’t always look or behave your best during this transit. In new and extremely challenging territory, you may struggle to find a way to cope. You are like a wall being sanded down in preparation for a new coat of paint. By the end of this transit, you’ll probably be a lot less eager to please others than you were at the beginning of it. And when you look in the mirror, you’ll see a stronger, truer version of yourself.



Pluto was the wealthiest of the gods—hence the term plutocrat. 

While Pluto makes his long, slow transit through your second house, it’s reasonable to expect that you have the ability to make yourself wealthier. 

That may be true, especially to the extent that you have direct control over your earning ability (as a contractor, for instance). But where Pluto transits, he strips away everything that isn’t serving the highest good. 

He takes things we don’t want to get rid of so we can figure out what we actually need. So while Pluto transits your second house, you may have both great windfalls and disappointing losses. You will likely go through long periods when you yearn to get rid of all the stuff that is using up space and cluttering your life, and live a more Spartan existence. And at the end of this long transit—possibly as long as three decades!—you will know what you truly need and be prepared to do without the rest.

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Back in the days of my youth, comic books boasted an advertisement for X-ray Specs. These marvelous glasses would allegedly give you the ability to see through pesky obstructions such as clothing to see what was really going on underneath the surface. 

Pluto transiting your third house is a little bit like being gifted with a pair of these spectacles. Instead of seeing through people’s clothing, however, you are given a much more complicated gift—the ability to see through artifice and dishonesty. 

You will not abide being lied to with Pluto transiting the third house, and you will become far more astute about recognizing when it’s happening. In the movie Fearless, Jeff Bridges plays a man who survives a horrible airplane crash. Subsequently, he finds himself completely unable to tolerate the slightest hint of dishonesty or manipulation, occasionally yelling loudly or, in one instance, slapping the perpetrator. 

That’s what it’s like when Pluto transits the third house. Pluto usually brings some kind of dramatic circumstances that help you probe the structure of your life for weakness. With Pluto transiting the third house, you will stand for nothing less than the truth, from yourself and others. If others lie to you, how can you trust them? If you lie to yourself, who are you? Like a TV detective, you will stop at nothing to get to the truth, will speak your truth without a lot of delicacy, and will see the world in much sharper focus than you ever have before.


A friend of mine who was having this transit said it felt like entering the government’s Witness Protection Program. It began with her finding she no longer had the capacity to be dishonest about anything, which estranged many people close to her. 

By the end of this long, long transit, she no longer felt she could live in the same place, and she literally left home to start fresh somewhere new. 

Wherever Pluto transits, it reflects a complete inability to bear any falsehood. 

In the fourth house, Pluto makes you unable to fool yourself about who you are or where you come from. You become the family whistle-blower. Living with Pluto’s honesty means living without a place that feels completely safe and comfortable. At the end of this transit, though, you’ll know where you really belong, how you really want to live, and who your true family members are.


It’s sometimes hard to say exactly how Pluto transits will play out. Will Pluto flay you and leave you in tatters? Will it align you with powerful forces that catapult you to wealth and celebrity? I’ve seen both happen. 

Mostly, as Pluto transits the house of creative self-expression, love affairs, and children, my clients report difficulty with love and tremendous struggles with creative projects. Hobbies and pastimes meant to bring enjoyment and recreation become fraught with power struggles and betrayal. Romantic relationships end badly, often with one or the other partner holding on in an unhealthy and even obsessive way. 

Pluto’s transits here help rid you of false expectations about relationships and help you align yourself with creative pursuits better suited to your authentic self. If you’re a parent, it can be a trying period in your relationship with your children. You may experience issues of control, or your children may develop characteristics or make major decisions that trouble you. One of a parent’s most difficult tasks is to know when to intercede and when to leave a child alone, and that is the nature of many of the challenges you’ll face during this transit.

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You may find relationships difficult during this transit, but you might also just find that the people closest to you are going through some very difficult changes and challenges. 

A spouse who loses a parent, a friend who is diagnosed with a debilitating disease, a business partner in the throes of a midlife crisis—all are perfectly reasonable ways transiting Pluto might express itself in your seventh house. In any event, a marriage in particular may need some bolstering during this transit; in extreme cases, a complete renovation is in order. 

Pluto transiting the seventh house demands that you take an honest view of your relationships and that you allow yourself to be seen as you truly are by those closest to you. Things “get real”—everyone shows who they really are. When you get right down to it, there are relatively few people in our lives who deserve every last ounce of our devotion, and they are the ones with whom we can share the best and the worst of ourselves. 

While Pluto transits the seventh house, you will get the chance to figure out who deserves to remain in your life and who doesn’t. Relationships based on anything other than honesty will not survive this transit.


This can be an important transit for making peace with the interdependent nature of life, love, and relationships. It is the house of inheritance, and I do know one woman who came into a sizable inheritance during this transit, including a home that needed a complete transformation. But the inheritance came from her father, and their relationship had been acrimonious and painful. Remaking the house has been a kind of healing exercise. 

Where Pluto transits, he may bring wealth and power… 

but there is always a catch. In the house of other people’s resources, we may see the lottery winner who loses his friends and becomes estranged from all that has been familiar to him; a man who inherits a great fortune when his partner dies of AIDS; a woman who receives a huge insurance settlement because she was profoundly injured while doing her job. As the old saying goes, be careful what you wish for. What you want is not necessarily what will make you happy. 

Transiting Pluto in the eighth house teaches that wealth and gain for their own sake are mere vanities. The best course of action is to appreciate whatever comes our way and try to use it for the greatest possible good, while remembering that we ultimately have little control over what the universe will send our way.


What needs to happen as Pluto transits your ninth house is for you to come to terms with the fact that life is inherently beyond your control. So many of the belief systems we embrace are the result of trying to feel we have some ability to influence the course of our lives and even the lives of others. 

But as Pluto moves through your ninth house, various important events, usually including power struggles involving institutions of all types, eventually bring you to the realization that, ultimately, nothing is really within your control. 

The view of Pluto in the ninth house is that nothing has any inherent meaning, just the meaning we choose to ascribe to it.


Transiting Pluto moving through the tenth house of your chart tells us two things: The profession you once had is fundamentally changing. 

You can’t get it back, because it is, at a very real level, gone. That’s not to say you won’t be able to support yourself, but it does tell us that even if you got your old job back, it wouldn’t be the same, and it wouldn’t offer security. 

The other thing it tells us is that you no longer feel happy about taking orders from anybody else. You must feel in control of your destiny, and of your career path; if you fail to take control, you will likely find yourself, over and over, in workplace situations that are toxic. 

Pluto must be expressed—if not as empowerment, it will be expressed as powerlessness. Where Pluto transits, there is no room for dishonest or self-serving behavior. If you are trying to keep secrets from the world, Pluto in the most public house of the chart will usually expose them.


It’s safe to say that you can never find true friends until you are able to accept yourself as you really are and recognize when others are being false. 

This is the implication of Pluto’s transit through the eleventh house. 

It’s no longer enough to have a pack of people to run around with so that you don’t feel alone. You want real friends, the kind with whom you can share your less-than-admirable qualities. If you have a habit of showing people just what they want to see instead of what you really are, this transit will cure you of that. 

If the habit is deeply ingrained, you may unconsciously enlist polarizing comrades such as an obnoxious friend or a really objectionable boyfriend or girlfriend to act as stand-ins for your own dark side. “Love me, love my Obnoxious Other!” you declare to the world, and when some decide they can do without you both, you get to develop the strength that comes from standing apart from the pack.


Pluto prides himself on having things under control. He likes transiting your twelfth house; there is all kinds of interesting stuff in there that you try to ignore, and that lets him take over the whole show. He delights in digging up old pain, shame, and embarrassment and making you look at it. 

You won’t get much peace of mind while Pluto transits here. What you will get, though, is an invaluable opportunity to examine and discard old psychological hang-ups and find out what is really true about you. You will need the strength of being a whole, integrated person once Pluto moves into your first house.

Planet in Solar return Aspecting to PLUTO
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