Transit of PLUTO in 8th House of Other people's money

This can be an important transit for making peace with the interdependent nature of life, love, and relationships. 
  • The long-term transit that last for about 12 years.
It is the house of inheritance.

And I do know one woman who came into a sizable inheritance during this transit, including a home that needed a complete transformation. But the inheritance came from her father, and their relationship had been acrimonious and painful. Remaking the house has been a kind of healing exercise. 

Where Pluto transits, he may bring wealth and power… 

In the house of other people’s resources, we may see the lottery winner who loses his friends and becomes estranged from all that has been familiar to him; a man who inherits a great fortune when his partner dies of AIDS; a woman who receives a huge insurance settlement because she was profoundly injured while doing her job. As the old saying goes, be careful what you wish for. What you want is not necessarily what will make you happy. 

Transiting Pluto in the eighth house teaches that wealth and gain for their own sake are mere vanities. 

The best course of action is to appreciate whatever comes our way and try to use it for the greatest possible good, while remembering that we ultimately have little control over what the universe will send our way. 

  • PLUTO IN : ( | 1ST  | ) , ( | 2ND  | ) , ( | 3RD  | ) , ( | 4TH  | ) , ( | 5TH | ) , ( |  6TH  | ) , ( | 7TH  | ) , ( | 8TH  | ) , ( | 9TH  | ) , ( | 10TH  | ) , ( | 11TH  | ) , ( | 12TH  | ) HOUSE
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byu/astro-signature from discussion
 Tips for Navigating this Transit:
  • Therapy: Consider seeking professional help to explore your emotions and past wounds in a safe space.
  • Shadow Work: Look into shadow work practices to integrate the hidden aspects of yourself.
  • Meditation: Meditation can help you develop emotional awareness and navigate intense emotions.
  • Healthy Boundaries: Learn to set healthy boundaries in your relationships to avoid power struggles.
  • Journaling: Journaling can be a great tool for processing your emotions and reflecting on your experiences.

PLUTO IN 8th House of your Yearly Horoscope or Solar Return

Debts are an issue, and  you may endeavor to wipe out all debts, During the Solar Return Year. 

Sexual harassment is a rare yet possible occurrence since the struggle for power can occur in almost any situation. 
You might be harassed by a professor, employer, or fellow employee. It might be very important for you to defend or define your sexuality during the Solar Return year. Learn more.. about Solar Return Pluto in 8th house And Here are more example case study on how to intererpret your Solar Return Year.

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Astrologers use the term "PLUTO in 8th house in Solar Return" to describe a particular Astrological Reading technique of observing the moving planets forward in YEARLY BASIS. 

This technique is aptly named because it describes how a person progresses through their life From Birth Day to Birth day.

The Term TRANSIT TO NATALor in other word, The Current Transit of Planet Like  PLUTO  in the Sky are Very related Depend on each Individual natal chart. Sometime the impact of Astrological Influence will last A day, 1 month, sometime take more than 7 years. Unlike Solar Return the Astrological Influence is fix in year by year.

Due to its slow transition, the position of Pluto in your birth chart will be shared with other people of your generation. Pluto can stay in each ( ͡❛ ͜ʖ ͡❛) 👉 Zodiac Sign sign for up to thirty years, which means it rules a generation more than a person. 

In for your Personal Horoscope, The Aspect in Pluto will be looked at. Some of the Aspect in Pluto like Moon Aspect in Pluto Last only for a Month. 



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