PLUTO IN 2ND HOUSE Of your yearly Horoscope


 Dramatic changes in financial situations are associated with Pluto in the 2nd house.  

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Your income may increase or decrease during the year, and it is not uncommon to either enter or exit the job market at this time. Check the aspects from Pluto to 6th or 10th house planets for more information. In general, it appears that trines from Pluto to planets in these houses can indicate an increase, while squares tend to show the loss of income.

Income losses can be preplanned and may not indicate any difficulty. 

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You may wish to quit your job or retire. Unexpected salary cutbacks or financial difficulties are possible, but generally, changes in salary come from self-initiated decisions.

The task for the year is to work toward controlling your own finances, including both income and outflow (spending practices).

 In the more positive manifestation, you will want to manage your own money. You must be the person in control, the one who decides how much you will or will not earn, and how you will spend it. It’s time to either draw up a budget or trim the fat off the old one. Perhaps you want your own checking and/or savings account if you do not already have these. Learn to handle money responsibly. The tendency with this placement can be to maintain tight control over expenses. All purchases can be well thought out in advance, with allocations for specific expenses.

The need for personal financial control might cause a problem for your spouse, parent, or significant other if oppositions run from the 2nd house to a planet in the 8th house.

 But it is also possible that this opposition simply denotes the changes occurring in shared finances as you move toward greater independence and control. Financial struggles over debts and expenses are possible, especially if you have not maintained good control in the past or need to tighten your budget now. You may need to make some changes in order to meet your goals for the future. Changes generally involve spending less and saving a sum of money for a large expense further down the road. Some individuals realize that they must be free of financial concerns now in order to freely pursue goals which are not financially rewarding at this time. For this, you must stockpile funds now and learn to live on less money.

Financial control may be an all-or-nothing deal. It may be the total lack of control that rules your life. In this case, impulse spending and large expenses will drain your capital. The inability to control spending results in serious financial disruption. In this negative case, disruption will last for the year.

Changes in self-worth are frequently associated with changes in income since many measure their self-worth against a materialistic yardstick. 

For them, money equals self-value. Equations such as this reinforce psychological messages which define personal worth in the context of conditional love. Those with poor self-images will not be able to support their sagging self-esteem without external monetary confirmation. Once income stops or the flow of money tightens, one must face the issue of innate value separate from abilities and accomplishments. Grow to appreciate who you are regardless of what you are earning or doing.



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