MARS Square or Opposite in your yearly MERCURY return chart

Because the aspect between Mercury and Mars is either a square or an opposition, the involvement of other individuals is likely. 

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This is true whether you are acquiring information, malting decisions, or arguing. Whatever situation you are in, you are not in it alone, and the influence of another is apparent and perhaps contentious. 

For example, suppose you are in school. 

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You might not agree with your professor and what he or she is espousing either as part of the curriculum or as personal opinion. The same is true of a boss, co-worker, family member, or friend. You are likely to disagree with someone. 

Mars-Mercury combinations imply assertive ability and advocacy for those less fortunate. You may defend yourself or address an injustice during the year. 
At its worst, this aspect can suggest aggressiveness and great anger directly related to a situation or a particular individual. Ongoing conflicts and daily confrontations occur with very negative manifestations. Sometimes, it will be difficult to determine who is the instigator and who is the victim. 

Those with strong tempers will have trouble controlling their anger and will vent over the smallest slight In the heat of the moment, contemptuous individuals blurt out hurtful comments without thinking about their effect on others or the consequences. Old unconscious anger and resentment may fuel the fire. While this may be healing for some, usually it is not. You may not be fighting for what you believe is right in this present moment; instead, you fight because you have been wronged in the past. Focusing on old angry thoughts and recreating historical conflicts can be a terrible waste of a good mind. 

You have an energetic and inquisitive mind. You can be actively searching for knowledge through a degree program, or you can study on your own. Though your mind is quick and alert, it is not highly retentive. There may be blind spots in your comprehension, especially if you must explain your thoughts to others. Ideas move through and either evolve quickly into something bigger and better, or dissipate altogether. Chaotic life circumstances contribute to any inability to focus. Without a goal or purpose that demands your attention, the mind may wander or be-come volatile and hypercritical It is your task to follow up on creative insights with action, manifestation, and application. Working on a major project is a good way to channel the mental energy productively. Use what you know. Given the stressful aspects between Mercury and Mars, this may or may not be an easy task. 

The quickness associated with the learning process may not be so advantageous when to comes to making decisions. The speed normally associated with Mars can indicate that you are impulsive and quick to jump to conclusions with little or no forethought. Should you make a poor decision, others will be quick to point this out. You are prone to gut-level reactions rather than considered responses. Your hasty determinations can be followed by immediate, ill-advised action. Rash behavior can have a negative impact on you as well as others. Slow things down a bit and allow for thorough research and careful reflection. Get feedback from those you trust. 

Do not get trapped in a mental exercise going nowhere. Endeavor to realize your dreams even if you meet with resistance. Use criticism to hone your skills and improve your vision. You can accomplish many things and manifest your most promising ideas. 

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