MARS IN THE 8TH HOUSE Of Your Yearly Horoscope

There is a transforming quality associated with Mars in the 8th, House of Solar return and much energy can be applied towards gaining insight into sexual, financial, and psychological matters. 

Resulting changes may come through enlightenment or through conflict. Either way, changes are likely to be very strong and powerful. 

Sexual issues revolve around changing sexual needs, attitudes, and ethics which are in a state of transition, possibly affecting others

During this year , 

Physical needs may increase or decrease, and sexual practices can change to meet those needs accordingly. 

Mars is the planet of conflict, and the eighth house is the one of shared resources and intimacy. 

Owning your own body, recognizing your sexual desires, and taking responsibility for your own actions can be an important process leading to mature sexual ethics.   

The quality of any sexual relationship is ... 

 particularly important, and you will become aware of the full range of expression either in your own life or through contacts with friends, neighbors, family, or casual acquaintances.

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Planet in Solar Return Chart Aspecting to MARS

Your dream often announces what the future holds..



Exchanging sexual information will help you weigh your experiences and can be crucial to further enlightenment and understanding Should you be involved in a fulfilling sexual relationship, the transforming quality of your involvement will augment your growth and positively influence other areas of your psyche .

Should you feel sexually unrewarded, used, or abused, the physical demands on the body and the psychological dam-age to the psyche will impede growth. 

Very negative situations exist when partners struggle over sexuality and ethics, or end up exchanging sex for money, position, or control. 

Purely sexual conflicts focus on the differences in moral standards. You, yourself, can be of two minds concerning your own sexual behavior, or you may conflict with those you are emotionally involved with. Sexual difficulties between couples (including conflicting needs, schedules, or idio-syncrasies) are possible when Mars is very stressed. 

Aspects from the 8th house Mars to any other succedent house planet can illuminate the characteristics of these dilemmas.  

Sometimes the conflict involves both sex and money. For example, married couples who have built their relations around conflict and a persistent lack of cooperation may ex-change sex for money. If the wife has sex with her husband tonight, he gives her money tomorrow. Other, more subtle variations of this scenario can occur, such as a business associate who uses sexuality to sleep his or her way to the top. 

Financial issues related to Mars in the 8th house

 usually reflect the partner's need to control his or her own resources and the possibility of cost-cutting measures. Concern over debts is likely. If the debt situation is severe, this is a good time to see a financial advisor. Disagreements or even fights over spending practices and joint resources are possible. 

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Planets Aspecting Mars 

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