The Moon square or opposite Mars in your Yearly Solar Return Chart, implies involvement in situations which are emotionally uncomfortable or conflicted. 
Whenever the aspect is a square or opposition, The possibility of an external influence is heightened. 

While you tend to gravitate to one attitude, (either Moon or Mars), someone or something in the environment represents the opposite pole, (either Mars or Moon).
The difference of opinion may be just that, and nothing more, or a major conflict of interest might erupt. 

When the aspects involve the Moon and Mars In Solar Return, several scenarios exist.

Your actions (Mars) might be offensive to family members or others you are connected to emotionally (Moon). For example, you might wish to continue your education in a field of study that your parents refuse to support. 

Do you stand your ground and fight for the career path that is your passion? Conversely, conflicts and disagreements with others (Mars) can emotionally upset you (Moon). Your parents' refusal to contribute to your tuition leaves you devastated. Either way, there is stress and tension when disagreements arise. The best course of action is to see both sides of the issue, respond intelligently, know what is in your best interest, and calmly assert your rights. 

While MOON Quincunx MARS  In 👉 Synastry Chart, When these two planets form certain patterns the combination can be volatile. In this case there is a lot of friction in the relationship.  MOON ( You ) is likely to feel overpowered by MARS ( Your Partner ). Astrosignature often wonders why he is so easily upset by MARS ( Your Partner ). No matter how hard he tries to calm his emotions . Learn more about This Synastry.

The energies represented by the Moon and Mars In Solar Return Year, 
Suggest working at cross-purposes not only with others, but also within your own psyche. The Moon symbolizes nurturing emotions and intimate relationships. You need strong connections to others for a healthy lifestyle. Mars, on the other hand, symbolizes self-interest and independence. You need to express yourself to grow and become self-actualized. The basic interpretations for these two planets are so different that they tend to clash over different motives and agendas, both externally and internally. They represent two opposite ways of interacting in the world. 

Moon square or opposite Mars in Solar return, suggests situations are complicated and usually involve a strange combination of contradictory emotions. 

They can also indicate that you act in a way that detracts from your own sense of security and well-being. You may want to be close to others, but instead push them away. If you fear losing a relationship you might suppress your own needs and abilities. In the worst-case scenario, you can be emotionally and psychologically dysfunctional, instigating, perpetuating, and escalating conflicts with others. Instead, focus on channeling discontent into meaningful actions that foster change and improvements in your life and the lives of others. 

The Moon-Mars combination in Solar Return need not be difficult, nor must it involve your personal life. It can refer to professional ambition or social activism. Perhaps you need to compete to secure a higher position in your company. You may be motivated to act socially because you are affected by what you see and hear in the news. If you are upset by conditions in your neighborhood, town, country, or world, volunteer your services or create a professional organization to deal with issues. Use the unpleasantness you feel to take corrective actions. 

MOON CONJUNCT MARS in your Yearly Horoscope

  • you can experience situations as a mixed blessing, rewarding yet uncomfortable. The energies of these two planets suggest working at cross-purposes and you may have ambivalent feelings about your circumstances.
 MOON SEXTILE or TRINE MARS in your Yearly horoscope
  •  in solar return combination is not difficult, nor must it involve your personal life. It can refer to professional endeavors. Ambition is consistent with the interpretation of this combination.

Planets in Solar return chart Aspecting the Moon 

Planets Aspecting Mars 

Aspects to Mars reflect your ability to create your environment to suit your own needs and how you would tend to do this.

The house placement of Mars shows where the activation is most likely to occur, and the aspects to Mars imply the various internal and external forces created which will either support or thwart your efforts. 


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