JUPITER Square or Opposite in your Yearly MERCURY return chart

While Mercury-Saturn aspects are associated with pessimism, Mercury-Jupiter aspects are associated with optimism and confidence. 

You may look forward to the future with great enthusiasm. But what you believe to be possible may differ from your actual experience. Undue optimism can lead to miscalculations and poor decisions. You might overestimate your chances for success or underestimate the amount of time and resources you will need to complete a task Overscheduling is directly related to this inability to foresee possible future difficulties. 

You might assume that tasks are quite simple, when in fact they are very difficult. Because Mercury is either square or opposing Jupiter, the expectations of others can be in the mix. A boss or family member may dump extra work in your lap. Regardless of who originates overscheduling, eventually, you will not be able to honor deadlines and promises. It is unhealthy to be overwhelmed by too many tasks. Stress results from these miscalculations. Learn to say, "No!' Rewards and benefits are more likely to flow when you expand within realistic expectations and limits. 

Jupiter rules philosophy and ethics. Your beliefs guide your responses to life's questions. It is important that what you say reflects what you believe. You may be challenged this year, either internally or externally. Internally, stress results from a lack of congruity between basic truths and principles, (ruled by Jupiter), and mundane communications, (ruled by Mercury). You need to maintain personal consistency. Wal k the talk and practice what you preach. Don't be hypocritical. Externally, you may be challenged by narrow-minded people in the home or at the office. They can directly question your personal philosophy, ethics, and religious beliefs. Are you in an environment where prejudice, sexism, discrimination, and intolerance exist? How do you handle this? Will you speak up? Will you remain quiet to keep the peace? If your interactions always reflect your principles, you can set a standard that others will either emulate or dispute. Al-though it may be tough to deal with the beliefs of others, be open to listening, but then do the right thing. 

This is a good time to expand your mind through education which may or may not involve a degree or certificate program. You are just as likely to study on your own or take a correspondence course. You don't necessarily need a classroom setting to benefit. You might be forced to take a course to update your professional skills. This may or may not be convenient at this time. What is important is mental expansion into new areas of interest and the cultivation of possibilities. As you gain knowledge, you might be able to share what you know. If so, sharing ideas and brainstorm-ing with others can elevate everyone's potential for solutions and inventions. 

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