VENUS IN 2ND HOUSE Of Solar Return - Page 2

During the year, you should feel comfortable with the amount of money you have available to spend.

 You are unlikely to feel impoverished unless there are other indications in the chart. Aspects to Venus and other planets in the 2nd house may give you some idea as to what financial situations will evolve. Aspects between the 10th and the 2nd or the 6th and the 2nd generally imply that money is job-related. If Venus is heavily aspected from the 8th house, debts and shared resources will be an issue. An emphasis on the 11th house with Venus in the 2nd would indicate the desire to work with long-term financial goals (e.g., saving for a college education). Whenever Venus is heavily aspected in the solar return, financial situations may be changing or complicated by other interests.

You might also experience a moral or ethical conflict at this time, especially if Venus is heavily emphasized. 

Venus in the 2nd shows that moral issues will be reassessed, especially the issue of monogamy or loyalty to one person. 

Contrary to what one might think, traditional concepts are not always stressed. The interpretation of Venus in this house seems to be most closely related to proclivities shown in the natal chart and the rest of the solar return. Ethical issues focus on monetary practices such as accurate expense account reporting, appropriate fees for services rendered, and the disposition of funds. Several aspects to Venus in the 2nd can indicate mixed feelings with regard to these moral or ethical issues.


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