Venus square or opposite Neptune in your yearly Solar return chart

If you are in stable and rewarding relationship, Venus square or opposite Neptune in the VENUS return chart may be more relevant to financial concerns than romantic interests, but there may be issues in both areas of your life. 

Financial circumstances will exhibit a degree of uncertainty noted by the house placement of Neptune. For example, if  Neptune is in the 5th house square to Venus in the 2nd house, providing for your children may involve an unknown expense. How much will college cost your high school senior? Will he or she go to a cheaper state-run school? Will he or she receive scholarship or grant money? Perhaps your job is not secure. 

There are rumors of layoffs. You may be unemployed for part of the year or unsure of where the next dollar is coming from. A break from work can be a leave of absence without pay, but there are other reasons for financial uncertainty. 

You can be self-employed or have an income based on commissions, incentives or profit-sharing; your hours may fluctuate, or you might work on an 'Ion-call" basis. Under these conditions, you will be unsure of the amount of your pay until the check arrives. You may be trapped in a never-ending financial crisis wherein money is spent as it is earned or even before. Without any backup savings, you live paycheck to paycheck, a victim of hand-to-mouth economics. This creates financial anxiety.  

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Changing circumstances can also affect the amount of money available, (e.g., relocation, divorce, illness, large purchases, or major sales), and it is impossible to predict the effect these changes will have, especially if several variables are involved. For example, if you must sell your home and relo-cate to a different state, you will not know the final sale price for your present home, how much a new home will cost, how much you will be able to earn at your new job, and how expensive it will be to live in the area. You must be careful with your funds until the figures are worked out. If you are expecting money from others in the form of a loan, gift, or inheritance, you will not be sure how much you will receive or when you will receive it. Promises are not always kept. If you are taking a financial risk, you can't be sure that things will work out. Regardless whether or not financial uncertainty is job-related, monetary uncertainty exists in some form. 

Venus square or opposite Neptune can also relate to your relationships during the coming year. Significant emotional relationships can be very spiritual and compassionate, or very confusing. A  high road and a low road exist. It is up to you to determine which one you are on. You may anticipate your partner's wants, needs, and goals. Perhaps you are willing to sacrifice your own objectives in favor of others, but you can take this sacrifice too far and become a martyr for someone else's dreams while neglecting your own. Or you can become an enabler of someone's dysfunction. Don't get caught trying to save someone from alcohol or drug addiction. This requires professional help, and the individual has to want to be healed before healing can begin. Until that commitment is realized, trying to control the situation will drain away your hopes and energy. 

If you are not already married, you or your partner may not wish to make an external commitment at this time. New or less stable love relationships tend to lack definition or even clearly defined roles. In any relationship, your partner's intentions may be unclear or actions contradictory. He or she may come and go, appear and disappear, say one thing and do another. One minute you know you are 

loved and the next minute you are not so sure. You are constantly receiving mixed messages. It's difficult to know where you stand in this on again, off again exchange. While in limbo, the relationship remains suspended in time, without a guaranteed future or a present reality. No relationship comes with guarantees, but with Venus-Neptune squares and oppositions, insecurity can be most evident. 

Because of the lack of clarity inherent in relationships, idealization and distortion occur, making partners seem too good to be true. Aggrandizement of this sort can only lead to disappointment and disillusionment. A persistent sense of confusion and insecurity can cause you to misinterpret what is actually occurring, especially when one or both partners are ambivalent or deceptive. In difficult relationships, there will be lies to contend with. Clandestine and secret relation-ships are possible and lead to the biggest lies. 

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