Transiting PLUTO Square, Semisquare Natal MARS

 Transit to Natal Aspect in The Sky,  
Or in other word, The Current Transit of  PLUTO as you lookup in the  Sky  are Very related to your Natal MARS in Square or Semisquare aspect.

You may feel frustrated to the point of exploding during this transit as your efforts to make powerful changes in a project are thwarted. It could be that power struggles with someone else are causing friction, or it could be that circumstances are simply overpowering your efforts. 

Whatever the cause you would do well to remain flexible in your approach to the obstacles, while persisting in your efforts for a successful outcome. You will achieve your goals.

Simisquare vs. Square: 

A Simisquare is often considered a gentler version of a square. It retains the potential for intensity but provides more flexibility and room for negotiation. You might experience the themes of the aspect in a more subtle or indirect way, often through external experiences or interactions with others..

Also note ✍(◔◡◔): When using these interpretations PLUTO Aspect in Natal MARS, please bear in mind that, inevitably, every chart will contain some contradictory influences, and as a result certain interpretations of different items in the same chart may seem difficult to reconcile. 

AGAIN, Pls Notice  Transiting PLUTO, as you look up in the Sky Are Aspect  in Natal  MARS   So it mean ..

Transiting ( ͡❛ ͜ʖ ͡❛) 👉 MARS Aspect in Natal PLUTO, is diferrent interpretation

In Transit to Natal, Different order different interpretation, take note on that.

However, this may still be an accurate reflection of what is happening to the individual whose transits are being interpreted, as people do experience conflicting desires, events and circumstances in their lives. 

It is the responsibility of the astrologer to synthesise these apparent contradictions in order to present a cohesive and realistic interpretation of the dilemmas of the chart. 

Planet in Solar Return Chart Aspecting to MARS
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