Solar Return MARS in 2nd House - Page 2

 He or she may or may not have your same desire for success, but generally will not meet your expectations. His or her perceived ineptitude or mismanagement becomes a bone of contention. The underlying issue is not his or her failure as a provider; this person cannot meet your needs since these needs are innately your own. You cannot give away energy and expect others to use it solely for the purpose intended.

Mars in the 2nd indicates your own need to be financially successful, independent, and in control of your financial resources. 

It is difficult to do this when you are not working. The best way to proceed is to take action on your own. Carve out your own little financial niche. Become a fundraiser for a nonprofit organization or your child’s PTA association. Help your spouse or counterpart by taking the initiative in areas he or she has not considered. 

Lend support by establishing yourself as an independent and equal financial partner. Don’t squander your own abilities and ignore your own needs. Complaints are no substitute for financial potential and ambition. If you feel that you cannot work in any capacity at this time, realize that others cannot and should not be held responsible for your psychological need for success in this area. If you do not understand this principle, your behavior can become self-defeating. You can spend money impulsively, faster than your provider can make it, which is a negative form of financial control, or lack thereof.

The 2nd house is also the house of self-worth, material values, and traditional morals. 

During the year, you will be very aware of how others treat you, and whether or not you receive the respect you deserve. If you are not fully appreciated, you can assertively or even aggressively stand up for yourself, your decisions, and your lifestyle. 

Your material value system is changing, and you set new priorities which are more consistent with your personal perspective. Moral decisions are made independently, and you are willing to support your stance vocally. You are not afraid to go against the grain and will actively pursue what you deem worthy or essential even if you must defend or protect yourself from the remarks of others.

Solar Return Chart from 1st House to 12th House 

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