URANUS IN 2ND HOUSE Of Solar Return - Page 2

 Changes in earning power seem to be more closely associated with this placement than disruptive spending practices; however,

impulse buying may be a problem for those with this tendency.

Economic change is easy to foresee with this Uranus placement, but it is difficult to note whether the changes will be positive or negative. 

The aspects to Uranus are not a true measure of the shift. One can earn more with difficult aspects, and one can earn less with softer aspects. What is shown by the aspects is the individual’s innate desire to foster a financial change and the other areas of life that will be affected. The house placement and the aspects to Venus may give you a clue. Also, check progressions and transits. Solar return “workhouse” placements, (10th and 6th houses), can be important since they are a measure of job satisfaction. Any planets in the 2nd house in addition to Uranus should also be considered. The best course of action is to prepare for a rainy day. It is better to practice financial restraint than assume more money than you have.

Uranus in the 2nd house also indicates that values and morals are changing. 

Nonmaterialistic attitudes are the norm unless there are contraindications in the solar return chart (e.g., earth emphasis, prominent Venus, etc.). As a rule, inner fulfillment and personal satisfaction are more important than material possessions. Money itself does not matter unless the financial situation is dire. Possessions will not be important, and this is a good time to unload useless things. During the year, you may not be interested in purchasing new items or replacing old ones. If you are not aware of your inner needs for emotional rather than material satisfaction, you may only experience the financially difficult side of this Uranus placement, especially if you repeatedly attempt to gain material wealth and acquire new things despite emotional considerations to the contrary.

Morals are also in a state of flux at this time. It is best to allow for review and change. Regardless of changes, you may deviate from your own code of behavior. Sometime during the year, you may be asked to defend your position if your actions or values conflict with the standards of others. This will give you an opportunity to define your own priorities and standards better.