MOON CONJUNCT URANUS in your yearly Solar Return chart

The most common theme associated with Moon conjunct Uranus in a solar return chart is moving from one home or office to another. 

You may move, or help someone move in or out of your home such as a parent or grown child.



 Domestic changes are likely as well as structural changes to the house itself. Major renovations and additions to the home are seen with this aspect. Usually, a certain amount of disruption transpires with any home improvement project and may last all year. Expect breaks in your daily routine and habits. 

Relationships are also changing. You could be attracted to someone new and involved in a new relationship. Relationships tend to be on-again, off-again as emotions run both hot and cold. Anyone new is not necessarily a stabilizing influence, and there may be an obvious reason for the instability. Perhaps previous commitments or physical distance stand in the way. 
On the other hand, an old relationship may be going through a period of transition or separation when either you or your partner initiates a major change. He or she may switch careers, need to travel for business, be required to upgrade skills and attend school, or experience a health crisis. Expect surprising developments. Even if the relationship is stable, changes may arise involving family members. Grown children may leave the nest, divorced children may return with grandchildren in tow, or elderly parents may require assistance. 

Though strong attractions can occur, this is not the most common manifestation. If you feel you are caught in an emotional rut, changes are more likely. The external changes you experience in relationships, family, or home can be a direct result of internal restlessness. It stands to reason that if your situation and emotional needs change, you will be faced with new issues or problems, and be required to develop new ways of expressing yourself emotionally. This is one way to break inhibitions. 

The involvement in new situations will accentuate your ability or inability to handle emotions and relationships in a positive way. At the very worst, emotional control will be difficult and feelings will be erratic. You may be overwhelmed one day and detached or cool the next. Moodiness is common as you cope with changes that you either did or did not initiate. You could say or do things without really considering the emotional consequences, but then, this might free you up to make necessary changes quickly. 

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