Astrological Transit of JUPITER in SCORPIO Sign

You think you're married after you stand up in front of a legally sanctioned & fitiant and say "I do," or maybe after your wedding night But I'm here to tell you, you're not really married until you've combined bank accounts with an-other person. 

Okay, that's an exaggeration. Many, many couples maintain separate finances and con-sider themselves well and truly married, thank you. 

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But my larger point is: Unless you also maintain separate households, at some point the subject of shared property and merged finances comes into pl ay—and the way you manage the dynamics of shared resources very much determines the level of true intimacy and honesty in your relationship. 

When Jupiter is in Scorpio, the required leap of faith takes us into the heart of sharing. As a sign, Scorpio has a reputation for being suspicious, even paranoid, and very secretive. Well, how do you feel when someone in your life asks to borrow money from you? Or your car, a favorite pair of shoes, or even a book? How about your most important possession: your body? 

When Jupiter is in Scorpio, it is time to take a chance and trust people. That doesn't mean you have to be silly about it and trust total strangers. It does mean, though, that its time to reward the people who have been there for you, who are loyal and honest, with a bigger piece of your heart 

Jupiter urges you to grow, expand, take risks, and seek meaning. His transits through the twelve signs of the zodiac prescribe the avenues through which all of us, simultaneously, seek to expand our horizons. The extent to which this affects you directly will depend on planets you may have in that sign, and the house through which Jupiter is transiting (see  an exploration of the transiting planets in the houses of the horoscope).

Biggest rewards: Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer 

Pressure to take risks: Taurus, Leo, Aquarius 

Significant opportunities: Virgo, Capricorn 

Jupiter in Scorpio (2000-2050): Oct. 25, 2005-Nov. 23, 2006; Oct. 10, 2017-Nov. 8, 2018; Sept. 23, 2029-Oct. 22, 2030; Jan. 11, 2041-Feb. 8, 2042; Apr. 24-Oct. 4, 2042