When the solar return Ascendant is in Taurus, 

Stability and harmony are the keys to success. You thrive when you are financially secure, and you will work hard to maintain or achieve this goal. 

Affectionate and loving relationships are part of your stability net-work. 
Though slow moving, you possess great stamina. 

You get into trouble when you start thinking about yourself and not others, or become miserly with your resources. Stubbornness does not benefit you and leads to stalemate conditions. Be practical; stick with what works. 

Sinse the Solar Return is all about the exact return of SUN in your Zodiac Sign. The Zodiac Season can provide Additional Insight for much more Clear Picture of the Whole Year. The Zodiac Season is not only about the Monthly Horoscope. It aso offers How to Cure the Not Favorable Influence..


How People May Behave 

Because Taurus instills stability, people tend to avoid change. So, we need to keep in mind that there will be consequences if we do not change on our own volition. 

Keep that in mind when you encounter people that are acting in the following ways: 
• blaming 
• obstinate 
• exhausted 
• lazy 
• stubborn 
• entitled 
• selfish 
• self-pitied 
• greedy
• hedonistic 
• like bullies 
• loving to hate 
• buffing 
• triangulating 
• “nobody understands me”

Programming the Cycle of Taurus 

In TAURUS SEASON , the consciousness is to bring beauty. We do this by accessing the spiritual within the physical. The material and our possessions, such as money and furniture, should also serve a higher purpose. The energy within inanimate objects also contains light that is valuable far beyond what the five senses can perceive. 

So, today, for the month of Taurus, we use our material experiences to serve our spiritual purpose. We enjoy good music and food but don’t forget the spiritual aspect of them that connects us to the higher worlds, the true source of satisfaction; otherwise, we are indulgent and hedonistic..

This How to Activate the Gifts of Taurus 

• accept your spiritual responsibility • understand that truth is controversial and offensive to the ego • increase your vibration • aspire to become connected to the bigger picture to see the grand plan • discover where you lack self-responsibility and give responsibility to others • adopt the attitude of being a steward of your things while you’re on this earth.

This Month of TAURUS SEASON Monthly Horoscope. 

As of April 20 to May 20 2024

Taurus season encourages you to slow down and appreciate the beauty in life. Take some time to indulge your senses and enjoy the simple pleasures. Focus on building stability and security in your life, whether that's in your relationships, finances, or career..

Given below are some notes on analyzing each of the
characteristics of the Astrosignature for this month of TAURUS SEASON April 20 - MAY 30 2024. 

In these notes weoften talk about when a characteristic is "highlighted"; by "highlighted" we simply mean when the red color is given.Remember that even a pale red color does give some of the
tendencies; the deeper the red color is, the stronger thetendency.

There is some "overlap" in the 14 categories. For example, veryoften days that are strong in "Athletic Performance" are alsostrong in "Business Success", or "Drive, ambition, work", or
"Good Luck, Optimism". All 4 of these categories have somethingin common: you are likely to be energized and feeling more dynamic and full of zest than usual on all of these days.
However, there are also significant differences between each of
these categories, and on some days you will be strong in only
some of these categories.

Similarly, "Imagination, confusion" and "Visionary, Inspired" arecategories with some similarities. There are some similarities between other categories as well. Each category is described
below. We also will mention some examples of what it means to be strong in 2 or more categories at the same time, or strong in one and weak in another.

Athletic Performance: On days when the deep red color appears you are likely to feel confident, invigorated, and have the right "touch" to play well or undertake almost any kind of challenging
physical activity.

Business Success: On days when the deep red color appears you are likely to feel confident, you have good common sense, and opportunities just seem to come to you more easily. If "Athletic Performance" is also high, your confidence and ability to makegood decisions in almost any area of life is very strong.

Drive, ambition, work: On days when the deep red color appears you are focused on achieving things, you easily become impatient with others who distract or delay you, and you find it difficult
to just sit back and relax. If "Business Success" or "Athletic Performance" is also high, your efforts are likely to bring immediate rewards; otherwise, this is a good time to work and
accomplish things, but the rewards are more likely to be subtle or come later.

Good Luck, Optimism: On days when the deep red color appears you have a knack for being in the right place at the right time, and you are likely to frequently feel particularly exuberant,
humorous, or optimistic on these days. If "Business Success" is high, this is a great time to move forward with business plans, purchasing plans, etc. If "Athletic Performance" is high, a
little good luck is likely to accompany your skill to ensure that you do very well. Don't get too wildly speculative though, especially if "Mental Acuity" (described next) is not highlighted, or if "Imagination, confusion" is highlighted.

Mental Acuity: On days when the deep red color appears you are mentally sharp, able to concentrate well, and able to grasp new ideas and concepts. These are good days to take exams or tackle a
problem that you need to solve. If Business Success is high, you are very likely to make good decisions regarding work, career, purchases, investments, etc. If "Athletic Performance" is high also, then good reflexes and making good decisions in the athletic activity are very likely.

Imagination, confusion: On days when the deep red color appears your imagination is soaring. This is a good time to see a movie, read a novel, or explore philosophical and religious subjects.
You can also inject new creativity and imagination into your daily affairs. If you rely too strictly on your intuition and do not use some common sense as well, however, you can make errors
and mistakes; this is especially true if "Mental Acuity" is not highlighted.

Visionary, Inspired: This category is very similar to Imagination, confusion. These are also good days to see a movie, read a novel, or explore philosophical and religious subjects. Frequently days will be high in both "Imagination, confusion" and "Visionary, Inspired". However, days that are strong in the
"Visionary, Inspired" category can be more overwhelming than days that are strong in "Imagination, confusion". A day that is high in "Imagination, confusion" can be a day when you do not feel
particularly poetic or imaginative, but you are inclined to daydream or make errors in judgement. Days that are high in "Visionary, Inspired" can awaken a transcendent or mystical sensitivity, which can manifest as heightened or altered perceptions and great artistic sensitivity and vision. On days
when the "Visionary, Inspired" category is strong, find some time to get away from the mundane daily chores, avoid alcohol and stimulants, and open your heart and mind to the immense,

beautiful, magical, glorious world that surrounds us all the time but we often fail to see, and the untapped resources that too often lay dormant in most of us.



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