ASTROLOGY OF 2022 : Schedule of Retrogrades & Stationary Planets

When a planet is stationary it appears to be standing still. Therefore, whatever aspects of life it governs experience blocks, stagnations, and lack of movement. When a planet is retrograde, whatever it rules is challenged, stalled, and experiences glitches and lack of flow. 

Another way to look at retrograde periods is to imagine the influence of the planet manifesting inside of you rather than outside. 

Retrogrades are great time to engage in any activity that starts with the letter RE as in reedit, reevaluate, restart, reimagine, regain, reinvent, rebrand etc 

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Mercury (Communication, Business & Technology) 

• Stationary Jan 13 and 14 in Aquarius 
• Retrograde: Jan 15-Jan 25 in Aquarius 
• Retrograde: Jan 26-Feb 2 in Capricorn 
• Stationary: Feb 3 and 4 in Capricorn 
• Stationary: May 10 and 11 in Gemini 
• Retrograde: May 12-May 22 in Gemini 
• Retrograde: May 23-June 1 in Taurus 
• Stationary: June 2 and 3 in Taurus 
• Stationary: Sep 9 and 10 in Libra 
• Retrograde: Sep 11-Sep 23 in Libra 
• Retrograde: Sep 24-Sep 30 in Virgo 
• Stationary: Oct 1 and 2 in Virgo 
• Stationary: Dec 28-29 in Capricorn 
• Retrograde (and stationary): Dec 30, 2022-Jan 19, 2023 in Capricorn 

Do not: sign documents, start new projects, publish, or make big purchases. 
Do: edit, backup computers, forgive, manifest wishes, and explore synchronicities. 


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Venus (Finance, Relationships & Art) 

• Retrograde: Dec 19, 2021-Jan 27, 2022 in Capricorn 
• Stationary: Jan 28 and 29 in Capricorn 
Do not: start new relationships, new businesses, or sign partnership agreements. 

Do: reevaluate your values and the way you make money and redo old 

On Mars (Action, Leadership, Passion & Sexuality) 

• Stationary: Oct 30 and 31 in Gemini 
• Retrograde: Nov 1, 2022-Jan 13, 2023 in Gemini 

Do not: undergo surgeries (unless emergency), start new wars, start a lawsuit or divorce, begin campaigns, buy machinery (like cars or appliances), start new intimate or sexual relationships, over train, overdo things or start fights. 

Do: reevaluate your fitness training or exercises, undo long-lasting animosities or conflicts, start new activities and review your goals and passions. It is a good time to change your behavior, learning to unwind and relax. 

Jupiter (Travel, Truth, Education & Law) 

• Stationary: July 28 and 29 in Aries 
• Retrograde: July 30-Oct 27 in Aries 
• Retrograde: Oct 28-Nov 22 in Pisces 
• Stationary: Nov 23 and 24 in Pisces 

Do not: start any lawsuits and be extra careful with legalities. Since Jupiter 
retrogrades for such a long time each year, it is impossible to "close shop," but try to avoid these things where possible. In addition, be careful of lies and half-truths. Be aware of over-peachiness and zealotry. 

Do: study something you dropped in the past and reconnect to your inner voice. 

Saturn (Discipline, Career & Figures of Authority) 

• Stationary: June 4 and 5 in Aquarius 
• Retrograde: June 6-Oct 21 Aquarius 
• Stationary: Oct 22 and 23 in Aquarius 

Do not: if possible, start big long-term projects or get into conflict with bosses or father figures. 
Do: change your discipline, reevaluate your goals and plan career path changes. 

chiron (Healing, Teaching & Spirituality) 

• Stationary: July 19 and 20 in Aries 
• Retrograde: July 21-Dec 21 in Aries 
• Stationary: Dec 22 and 23 in Aries 

Do not: overtrain, be reactive. Avoid elective surgeries if possible. Do: let old wounds surface so they can be fixed and encourage healing. 
The retrograde periods for Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are very long as their orbits around the Sun are very slow. Therefore, they will not be covered in this book unless they create meaningful aspects.