GEMINI Monthly Astrological Review

 What year does the horoscope predict for those who are still looking for their love? Will the single Gemini end their solitude and find a soul mate? Let's see what does the Gemini Horoscope 2022 have prepared for the singles.

Gemini prediction 2022 recommends staying among friends from January until the end of March 2021. Mars in Gemini and the Sun in the sign of Pisces will increase the charisma and communicativeness of Gemini during March.

In March, you have the first opportunity to attract someone attractive and strong, who will be interested in your company. The most successful period for Gemini seeking love comes in the month of May 2021. Horoscope Gemini 2022 strongly highlights the month of May.

Follow your hobbies and devote to the development of your inner self, but also strengthen your physical activity through exercise. From 05 November 2021 Venus enters a balanced Capricorn, making you feel happy and brisk. Last chance to get love for life will come in 19.12. Do not miss the opportunity that horoscope 2021 predicts and which fate will bring.

Why you are still single Find the Answer using Astrological Progression

 For Much More Accurate and personalize, submit your Birth data, 👉 Just Fill up this form ) Using my own 10 years progression as an example to find out why i'm still single and what year i can find my Love Life or Soul mate as an example of Case Study in Astrological Progression. 
The Advantage of this chart reading is You can validate the Accuracy of the forecast by analysing the previous year. 

  One danger in using This Astrological Progression is, ironically, that it may work too well! Some people have found the forecast to be accurate and consequently they rely very strongly on the Astrological Progression prediction base of your Birth Data.


As you see in Progression chart , there Are Strong Astrological influence by the end of 2020. Blue is the Color for Romance and sexuality, GREEN for GoodLuck and optimism. RED for Mental Aculty .
If you are Single now, almost 90% chance that your love life is Coming Soon by the end of the year.

and because mental aculty Astrosignature is envolve it mean there is a chance that you find your love life using technology. for example using social media like facebook or dating app.   it's because Mental aculty astrosignature is associated in Mercury Progression.

And Also NOTE:  This Astrological Case Study is written By the star to Apply for individual only (for me)  not for General application. and it very sensitive in the Accuracy of your Birthdata. you can also try this case study just Contact me.. 


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