The planetary transit in astrology and what they each represent

In ancient times, humanity looked up to the stars and noticed that there were patterns that repeated themselves. 

They studied them and realized that certain movements of the planets created effects on Earth. 

Yet they also realized that these different planets and luminaries also were connected to aspects of one’s personality.

For Example, Mars in Scorpio is turning up the heat on your sex life

The best part about turning astrology into the art form that it is now is that we recognize that the planets are certainly predictive — explaining who someone is and people’s astrological compatibility — but also are a guide to how life will proceed at any given time.

In a sense, the planets and luminaries are characters in the theater of our lives, and the zodiac signs they dance within are like costumes and props. 

The houses they reside in are like the acts, scenes and stage upon which they can be seen. Ultimately, we reference the planets as symbols to better understand our lives.

What do each of the planets rule?

Here’s your ultimate, easy guide to reference forevermore. You’re welcome.


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