Will you should choose business over job?

Let us look at,  Will you  should choose business over job? or If you are seeking romance in your life, Your Personal Astrosignature might have some answers base on your Birth Data 

Let use my Own Birth data as an example to See the Progression of my Financial Status for Past, present and future. 

Personal Astrosignature chart for Business Success 2021 to 2025

NOTE this chart is Using my Own Birth data

Very often Year that are strong in "Athletic Performance" are also strong in "Business Success", or "Drive, ambition, work", or "Good Luck, Optimism". All 4 of these categories have something in common:..

As you see in the Given Chart, Business Success and Athletic performance  are Both High around Year 2025,  

So it mean this year is the perfect year to establish a Business  I your Goal is to find the perfect timing to Establish a Business.

Warning, do not gamble and be aggressive if Mental Acuity is not Strong, you can make errors and mistakes; this is especially true if "Mental Acuity" (See Green line of graph) is not highlighted..



Business Success for Example ( see red line graph ): On Year when this category is Highlihgted you are likely to feel confident, you have good common sense, and opportunities just seem to come to you more easily.

 If "Athletic Performance" (see green line graph) is also high, your confidence and ability to make good decisions in almost any area of life is very strong..

Drive, ambition, work: On Years when this Astrosignature is highlighted you are focused on achieving things, you easily become impatient with others who distract or delay you, and you find it difficult to just sit back and relax. 

If "Business Success" or "Athletic Performance" is also high, your efforts are likely to bring immediate rewards; otherwise, this is a good time to work and accomplish things, but the rewards are more likely to be subtle or come later.. 

Starting your own business is everyone’s dream, but very few are able to achieve it. Running a business requires lot of zeal and passion towards your goal or purpose. 

Some take to business due to influence of others, or the drive to earn quick money. But they fail miserably as they don’t have a clear vision.