LEO Monthly Astrological Review

Leo is generally blessed with superabundant energy. But this year 2021  it is less than usual. Three long-term planets are in stressful alignment with you. So many of the things you did with ease a few years ago are harder right now. It is important to rest when tired. 

Your complete one-volume guide to the year 2022..

Love is bittersweet this year 2021. There are disappointments to be sure, but there are also many happy things too. Marriage could happen for singles, but with many complications and delays. 

Neptune has been in your 8th house for many years now and will be there for many more to come. But this year Jupiter will also move in briefly – from May 14 to July 29. This period should be more erotic than usual. 

Ever since Uranus moved into your 10th house of career in 2019 the career has become more exciting – and also unstable. (This is the price we pay for excitement and interest.) The career is filled with change, change and more change.  

We have the usual number of eclipses this year – four. Two of them will occur in your 5th house of children. So, there are dramas in their lives this year. (This includes children figures in your life.) There will be a solar eclipse on June 10 in your 11th house which will test friendships and technical equipment. The fourth eclipse occurs on November 19 in your 10th house, bringing even more change to the career.


  • Element -Fire 
  • Ruling Planet - Sun 
  • Career Planet - Venus 
  • Love Planet - Uranus 
  • Money Planet - Mercury 
  • Planet of  Health and Work - Saturn 
  • Planet of Home and Family Life- Pluto 




2023 begins with Ceres in Libra  Which brings relationships, cooperation, and compromise into sharp focus as you seek balance, harmony, peace, and personal happiness.  Center on fairness, equality, truth, and a “give and take” mentality so that a positive, long-lasting relationship has room to develop and grow. - February 3 2023 –  Ceres turns retrograde at 6 Libra 58 .