CANCER Zodiac Monthly Astrological Review

 Health and energy are improved over last year, and vastly improved over 2018 and 2019. If you got through those years with your health and sanity intact you did very well. The year 2021 ahead should be a breeze.

Your complete one-volume guide to the year 2022..

Two eclipses in your 6th house of health and work this year 2021 show job changes and changes in the health regime. 

Your 9th house has been prominent for many years now and this year – for a time at least – it becomes even more prominent as Jupiter moves into it from May 14 to July 29. This is excellent news for college-level students and for those looking to enter college. There is success in their studies. (Next year will be even better.) It is also a good year for foreign travel, and opportunities for this will certainly come. 

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Overall, your 8th house is the strongest in the Horoscope in 2021. Thus, it will tend to be a more sexually active kind of year. Whatever your age or stage in life the libido will be stronger than usual. It is a great year for projects involving detoxes, weight loss and personal reinvention. 

Uranus has been in your 11th house of friends for some years since March 2019, prompting dramatic changes in your social circle. Often this happens because of personal dramas in friends’ lives and not necessarily because of the relationship itself. But in the coming years you will find yourself in a new (and better) circle of friends. 

Now that Saturn has left your 7th house of love, the love life should be much improved. You seem more experimental in love – less timid. There is nothing against a marriage for those who are single, but nothing that especially favours it either. 

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